I’ve written before on how to survive long bus journeys (or long journeys of any sort really) and had I known about it then, there’s a product that would definitely make it on the list now.

Introducing SleepPhones. Or, as the tagline states: ‘the pajamas for your ears’. SleepPhones are a fleecy headband with patented technology whereabouts the speakers are inside the headband. That means there’s now no need for fumbling about with earphones. Gone is the difficulty of making the god damn thing stay in your ear, the awkwardness of them falling out every time your turn over and, with the top of the range version, the need for cables and worrying you’ll strangle yourself in your sleep.

I can think of one scenario in particular where these would have been extremeley useful. Having travelled overnight on the rickitiest, bumpiest, coldest bus we came to a stop in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. The driver got out and went to sleep in the boot. We had no idea what was going on so decided to get some sleep. At least now the bus wasn’t moving we weren’t being thrown around. All plans of dreaming failed when the man in the seat across the aisle started snoring loudly. I reached for my ipod, tried cramming the earphones in to my ears and got frustrated everytime they fell out. SleepPhones would’ve solved a few hours of sleepless anger that night.

SleepPhones are perfect for travellers who find it difficult to get some shut eye and come in varying colours and types. If you’re someone who gets cold at night then opt for the fleecier version. Someone who gets hot? There’s a version made out of a more lightweight material for you.


They’re so lightweight and small that there’s no need to worry yourself over whether your SleepPhones will fit in hand luggage – they’ll fit in your pocket if there’s really not any room!

There’s also a free iPhone SleepPhones app that you can download. With the app you can listen to some chilled piano music, waves or white noise. I think I’m going to download myself an audiobook and fall asleep to that – any recommendations?

It doesn’t stop there. If you’re an outdoor adventurer there’s a range which will suit you too: RunPhones. I get annoyed with earphones when they fall out whilst I’m running; it’s puts me off big time. But with SleepPhones I don’t have to worry, there’s nothing to fall out. There’s no reason why you can’t use one model for both running and sleeping (the fabric can be washed; once the speakers are removed) but the running model includes lighter fabric and doesn’t block out as much sound so that you can still hear the traffic around you.

SleepPhones and RunPhones start at £29.99

*These SleepPhones were sent to me for review, but all words are my own

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