Having seen a view of Rio during the day we decided to get a nighttime view; which turned out to be far more enjoyable. A sunset view was what we had in mind, but we spent a little too long lazing abiut on Ipanema beach and listening to some samba for that! When we arrived I was expecting long queues, so I was surprised that there was noone there. Turns out the evening was a great time to go!

We took the two cable cars straight to the top (maybe slightly smug that our cable car was empty, was people piled in to the ones coming down). 
From the top we had great views of Rio, from the lights in the favelas, to its numerous beaches and the white glow of Christ the Redeemer. We bought a beer and enjoyed the views out on to Rio with only a handful of people about.
It was definitely the most perfect way to spend out last night in Rio.
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