Brunch The Lido Cafe, Brockwell Park

I’m becoming quite good at having lazy Sunday mornings. Normally I’d be up at 7 and raring to go. Nowadays you’re more likely to find me fast asleep at that time. However, I’m still never going to be one for staying in all day long.e I like getting outside and recently a Sunday morning involves getting up late, wrapping up warm and heading out for a walk in nearby Brockwell Park with a coffee.

Last Sunday instead of grabbing a coffe and gobbling breakfast before going out, we made that lazy Sunday even lazier by ambling over to The Lido Cafe for brunch.

The lido in Brockwell part was built in 1937 at the time when a lot of lidos around the country were built. Sadly, there’s not a huge amount that still exist and Brockwell Lido was almost closed down for ever too. In 1990, Lambeth Council decided to close the lido as a cost saving measure. Thanks to campaigning efforts of swimmers and residents the lido was reopened in 1994 and has been going strong ever since.

Lido Cafe brockwell park herne hill

The cafe is one of a favourite of local residents but has only been open to both public and swimmers since 2009 (previously only swimmers had been able to get access). Nowadays the Lido Cafe is open for breakfasts, lunches and dinners all year round, and it makes a great watch for people watching on a cold winter’s day if you’re not feeling up to a chilly swim yourself!

Lido Cafe brockwell park herne hill

Brunch isn’t brunch without an avocado.. and if you’re not having avocado you better have maple syrup. Don’t you agree? They’d unfortunately run out of bacon on Sunday morning but suggested sausages instead. Who’d have known they’d work quite so well with waffles and maple syrup. I suppose they should really given that they’re the same meat, but it’s not often you see sausages and maple syrup combined on a menu.

Lido Cafe brockwell park herne hill

Lido Cafe brockwell park herne hillThe people behind The Lido cafe do their best to use locally produced products and everything was delicious. No dodgy looking sausages and gooey, oozing egg yolks.


The perfect place to watch brave people do some lanes in the olympic sized, 50m pool with a hot coffee.

Lido Cafe brockwell park herne hill

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