Summer is on it’s way – yay! And with that comes a whole new host of adventures.

Summer time adventures, more often than not,require some new swimwear. Something that winter adventures rarely require.

Whether you’re clocking up the lengths in the nearby lido, pulling up your wetsuit ready to hit the waves of catch some wind kitesurfing, or taking some time out to relax with a good book by the pool, you’ll need some good looking, affordable swimwear.

Each activity requires pretty different swimwear and, together with House of Fraser, I’ve rounded up the best swimwear choices for your summer adventures. My adventures will include lido swimming, sailing in Greece and I’m sure there will be some relaxing in there too!

The best swimwear for lido swims

speedo swimwear

Speedo swimsuits found here

If you’re busy counting lengths in the pool, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your bikini is coming undone or will slip when you push off from the wall. My preferred swimwear choice for swimming is definitely a swimsuit. Here’s some of my favourites from House of Fraser.

The best swimwear for water sports

Unless you’re somewhere really hot (which I’m hoping Greece is this June!), you’ll probably require a wetsuit whether you’re scuba diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing or having fun in the sea this summer.

I like to opt for a bikini under my wetsuit as then you can roll the top half down when you’re getting your equipment ready and pretend you’re every bit the cool surfer chick.

The best swimwear for chilling out


All swimsuits L-R Jewels & Grace Cima One Piece, Dickens & Jones Boat Print, Ted Baker Nautical Tie Rope Bikini, Linea Weekend Zig Zag Halter

When all you want to do is stretch out on a sun lounger with a good book and a cocktail you want to look good doing it and luckily, House of Fraser’s got you covered! I’m more of a swinsuit girl than a bikini one, but if I thought I could pull of the red one I totally would!

What summer adventures are you off on?

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