In Taiwan cycling is part of the culture. Giant, one of the world’s best bicycle brands came from here so perhaps it’s no surprise that cycling is so popular. You might not associate the country of Taiwan with cycling but many others are starting to and for good reason.

Taiwan is home to more than 269 mountain peaks of over 3,000m above sea level. There are tonnes of bike lanes and cycling facilities too. This makes for some hugely rewarding cycling! Tthere’s no better time to cycle in Taiwan than during the Taiwan Cycling Festival which runs over the month of November.

Never heard of the Taiwan Cycling Festival? Well read on, after this list you’ll be adding the Taiwan Cycling Festival to your bucket list!

Taiwan is beautiful

Taiwan was named “Ilha Formosa” by Portuguese sailors when they first came across the island in the 1500s. This translates as “beautiful island” and when you visit Taiwan you’ll notice just how right they were.

Whilst you could explore in a car or by train, there really is no better way to discover the beautiful scenery than on two wheels. You’ll get the chance to cycle past (and visit) mountains, beaches, rice paddies, valleys and even dormant volcanoes!

There are events for all abilities

This cycling festival isn’t just reserved for elite cyclists. At the Taiwan Cycling Festival there are events for children and families as well as professional cyclists.

The hardest event is known as the King of the Mountain(KOM). During this challenge expert cyclists take on an epic adventure from sea level to  3,275m high. The 105km route is perhaps one of the world’s most unique bike paths and passes through the incredible Taroko Gorge.

Up for the challenge? Find out more about King of the Mountain.(KOM)

There are also more beginner and family friendly events such as the Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday Tour. This is a relatively easy 10km route open to families and more casual cyclists and it just so happens to be around one of the world’s prettiest lakes.

It’s a great way to see the country

taiwan cycling festival

What better way to see Taiwan, a country loved by cycling enthusiasts, than on two wheels? At the Taiwan Cycling Festival the events are tailored not only to provide great cycling routes but also to help show visitors the best of Taiwan. This means you’ll pass through small townships, experience Taiwan’s love for hot springs and be left wishing your trip would never end!

The weather

Cycling in the rain can be miserable but the chances are you won’t have to do that during the Taiwan Cycling Festival. Yes, Taiwan does have a typhoon season (June to September) but generally speaking you’ll be cycling in the sunshine! What better way to escape the rain in the Northern Hemisphere than to cycle around Taiwan?

Hot springs

After several days of touring Taiwan on a bicycle your muscles are going to be feeling it. Just as well there are a tonne of hot springs in Taiwan! Soaking in a hot spring is deeply rooted in Taiwanese culture so, not only will you be getting some much needed relaxation, you’ll also be experiencing the local culture.

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The food

taiwan cycling festival food

Since you’ll be cycling a lot you’ll also need to eat a lot. Thankfully Taiwan is a great country for delicious food! The Taiwanese are always testing out new flavours and tastes so there are always new dishes to try for ravenous visitors. Taiwan has a great street food culture which means that eating out can actually be cheaper than cooking at home which means you’ll see plenty of locals getting their dinner at the markets too.

Experience some of the world’s most spectacular cycling routes

One of the main events at the Taiwan Cycling Festival, the “Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday Tour”, takes you around Sun Moon Lake in Central Taiwan. This bike route was named one  of the Most Spectacular Cycling Routes in the world by CNN so you know it’s going to be good!

So pack up your bicycle and plan a trip to the Taiwan Cycling Festival for the ultimate adventure!

Thank you to Taiwan Tourism for sponsoring this post, all content was written by me.