The book of everyoneThe book of everyoneThe book of everyone
Did you ever have personalised books given to you as presents when you were a child? I know I did. My grandma once got me one where I, as the main character, went hunting for jewels with a dragon. It went something like that anyway.

But as ‘adults’ (inverted commas cause, y’know…) personalised books don’t seem to be the done thing.

That was until The Book of Everyone got in touch telling me about their fantastic personalised books which make great gifts. They’ve kindly let me put together a Valentine’s book which is chockablock with facts about your loved one based on their gender, name and date of birth. You can add smooshy, loved up messages to let them know what it is that makes them so special. Or add pictures from all the fun times you’ve had.

The book of everyoneThe book of everyone



Flick through the book together as a paperback, hardback or digital edition – it’ll make a great gift for hard to buy for boys this coming Saturday. It’s romantic enough that’ll it’ll tug on their emotions, but not too much to make them worth about seeming too girly.

While you’re at it you can send a free personalised ‘love letter’ heart to them, or get it printed off and frame it. Purchase as a greeting card (£3.95) or poster for your bedroom wall.

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