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Exploring the Australian Outback

Australian Outback

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After exploring the cities of Sydney and Brisbane, and the beautiful Fraser Island and Whitsunday islands it would be all change as we made our journey into the outback.

Having mistakenly watched the film Wolf Creek (I’m really not one for a scary/gory film), the idea of the outback scared me a little bit.

If you’re planning a trip to the outback any time soon I strongly suggest not watching this film! Fortunately, our journey was just great fun!

exploring the Australian outbook

We stayed at a little ranch and were greeted with the offer of chowing down on some Mystery Meat. Not being one to shy away from things I happily accepted to try it. It was pretty darn good.

Later on it was revealed our ‘Mystery Meat’ had been goat!

After a delicious BBQ (not just the goat), we got down to learning how to crack whips. Accompanied by some drinks of course.

exploring the australian outbookexploring the australian outbook

Of course no ranch visit is complete without a go on a rodeo bull! I quickly realised I had completely underestimated how difficult it is…

exploring the australian outback

The next day we took the opportunity to get to know some of the ranch residents. Hopping on the back of a very stubborn horse we headed off to help round up some goats.

Once this was done it was time to test our lasso skills! Mine were severely lacking. I may be a country girl but I’m not quite a farm girl!

exploring the australian outbackexploring the australian outbackexploring the australian outbackexploring the australian outback

This little girl lived on the ranch and was a great shooter!

exploring the australian outback

Heading to 1770/Agnes Water

Having had a great day on the ranch it was time to move further up coast. Our next stop was the town of 1770/Agnes Water where I turned Biker Chick.

We had learnt from other backpackers along route that the reason to stop here was to take part in a Scooterroo tour.

I donned my leather jacket, fake tattoos and helmet and rode the motor in style. Once I had learnt how to turn corners, I had a blast.

The journey takes you to a great harbour spot where some food is waiting for you. Then, you head back to camp. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone!

exploring the australian outback
exploring the australian outback
exploring the australian outback
After a fantastic three weeks I had fallen even deeper in love with Australia but the best was still to come!

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