It’s just over 2 and 1/2 weeks until I head off to South America for three months. Since we booked the flights (and actually for about a year or so before), I’ve been trying to do as much research as possible so nothing ‘big’ is missed. I also like to research things to do and places to eat for smaller, weekend trips and believe I’ve found some websites will prove extremely helpful however long, or short, your trip may be.

I’ve recently come across TripIt and it’s proved very useful for planning and organising my three months away. TripIt scans your inbox for any hotel or hostel reservations, flight details or other bookings and then puts them together to set out your trip for you. The trip then includes important things like flight numbers and locations of bus stations.

You can also add activities to your trip. TripIt will also show you the weather forecast for your location and enables you to see your route on a map (which I always like doing for some reason).

Another benefit is that TripIt allows you to share your itinerary with others you may be travelling with (or parents who will be at home worrying). I’m currently using the free version, but if you upgrade you will be update with flight changes and fare refunds, amongst other things.


I recently reviewed Snout’s London travel app, which you can read here. Snout is great for finding out what your destination has to offer whether that be restaurants, hotels or even one off activities during your stay. Aside from the app, Snout’s website is full of travellers’ advice for destinations all over the world. So whether you’ve just got 24 hours to spend in a city, or want to uncover some hidden gems, Snout is one to check out.

Spotted By Locals:

Spotted By Locals is the site to head to if you’re a bit like me and like the idea of really getting to know a city. Tourist attractions have their place and aren’t necessarily to be missed, but sometimes you risk missing out on the city’s best offerings if you stick too close to the tourist trail. Spotted By Locals gives you the names of the places the locals go to eat, drink and shop. If the locals go there, it must be good!

What’s your preferred site for travel planning?

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