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If you hadn’t realised by now, it’s summer! London and a lot of Europe are currently in the midst of a heatwave and quite frankly things couldn’t feel more summery. Flowers are in bloom, Londoners are spilling out on to the road outside pubs in all boroughs, and tube smells like a men’s changing rooms.

Ahhh, Summer!

Everyone celebrates summer in their own way, for me it’s about more travels (which season isn’t?), cold drinks, tasty salads and revelling in being home before dark. It’s about portable speakers, park picnics and snapping up shots of London bathed in sunlight.

Nowadays summer revolves a lot around technology whether it’s GoPros, speakers, kindles for packing light, or headphones to keep you entertained on long journeys. John Lewis asked me to share my top 8 tech products as part of their #FindYourSummer campaign – let me know what technology you can’t travel without!

Digital Camera

I’ve been using the Canon PowerShot SX710 for the past fortnight and have been impressed with how simple it is to use.

john lewis FindYourSummer

John Lewis FindyourSummer

Trying out my new Canon this summer #FindYourSummer

With 20.3MP, 30x Optical Zoom, Wi-Fi, and an extremely clear 3″ Screen, the Canon PowerShot SX710 is perfect for taking great pictures with very little effort. Small enough to fit in your pocket, it makes a great camera for those summer days filled with sight-seeing where a big bulky camera just weighs you down.

It also feels quite sturdy, so no worries about smashing lens by cramming the camera in your bag, and there’s plenty of fun functions to play around with. My favourite? Making friends look funny by zooming up in their faces with fish eye mode!

The wifi function is an added bonus, meaning you don’t have to wait until you’re back home or in your hotel to add your latest snap to instagram, just connect your phone and your camera through wifi and you’re good to go!

Whilst not the best quality camera out there on the market, for the price this camera has everything you’ll need and makes a great everyday option for those just getting into photo taking.

Portable Speakers

john lewis findyoursummer
My boyfriend recently bought some Sony Portable Speaker after us moaning since we’ve been living in London that blaring music out of our laptops just doesn’t sound great!

We’re so impressed with them and they’re definitely become one of our top technology products for this summer! We’ve taken them to Brockwell Park on one of our weekday evening picnics and love playing chilled music in the evening. The battery last a long time and the sound quality (as far as I can tell) is awesome!



I’m a little slow to the juicing trend – my problem is that I can’t justify spending ALL that money on expensive products such as coconut oil, fresh fruit and whatnot, so if you have any cheap smoothie/juice recipes, send them my way! – but if there’s ever a good time for fresh juice then it’s in the summer.

I use my Kitchen Aid blender to whip up Mancora milkshakes during the summer period, but John Lewis has a fantastic range of juicers and pressers to help you #FindYourSummer whilst keeping cool and healthy over the summer months.

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john lewis findyoursummer
As nice as reading a proper book is, there’s little argument over how much easier it is to pack a Kindle nowadays. They’re light, store hundreds of books and they’re a bit easier to hold in one hand while the other is occupied with a cocktail as you relax on a sun lounger!

Smart Watches

john lewis findyoursummer
Smart watches and other wearable pieces of technology are the must have item of the year. John Lewis has a huge range of wearable technology and now smart watches even look pretty stylish!

The Withings activité pop activity and sleep tracker comes in three colours and syncs with your phone via bluetooth to show you up to date information on how active you’ve been throughout the day. It also syncs with your smartphone’s clock to make sure that it stays on time, all the time.

Portable Chargers

With all this technology we carry around with us nowadays, and the amount of time we spend using it each day, it’s no surprise that we often find ourselves with flat batteries. That’s why my next top tech item for this summer is a portable charger!

Portable chargers come in all shapes, sizes, colours and efficiency. Really useful chargers have multiple connection points so that they can charge both iphones and other devices!


john lewis findyoursummer
Long car journeys, flights and even the tube commute are made better by some summer tunes blasting through cool looking headphones. Wireless headphones are perfect if you often suffer from spending most of your journey trying to untangle wires and sound cancelling headphones are great for blocking out that person snoring next to you, or your parents’ boring music on the car radio.


Sat Navs

Never underestimate how useful Sat Navs are. Who knows how to read a map now anyway?

Chances are you’ll be travelling somewhere new at some point this summer and Sat Navs coming in particularly useful if this is the case. Opt for one which has maps on for Europe and can be updated so that your Sat Nav doesn’t think you’re driving in the middle of a field when you’re actually just on a newly built road…

So what’s your top tech for the summer?!

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