The top adventure trave linstagrammers youLike a huge proportion of the world, I’m more than a little obsessed with instagram. It’s the fastest growing social media platform and last December there were 300 million active users and this figure is bound to have increase a lot by the end of this year. In fact, at least 20% of internet users use instagram.

That’s crazy.

It’s likely that most of the people you follow will fit into some sort of theme; travel, food, beaches, fitness. For me it’s travel and, more specifically, adventure travel. It’s what I like to post about, but living and working in London means mountains and countryside aren’t that accessible.

I’ve recently  come across some great accounts which make me want to get out and explore the mountains, the rivers and the seas. I’m desperate to live in Canada where mountains, lakes and woods seem to be in abundance and it turns out a lot of the instagram accounts I follow reflect this desire.

Here’s my favourite adventure travel instagrammers, let me know what your favoutire accounts (travel or not) are in the comments below!

Wandering Carol

wandering Carol best adventure travel instagram
Carol celebrates unpretentious luxury travel and demonstrates perfectly that luxury travel doesn’t just mean sitting in a deckchair on the beach. Her latest ‘grams from the Rockies make me want to travel there so badly!


salyfoto best adventure travel instagram
Will, the photographer behind Saltyfoto is a mountain lover with some seriously great photos. He lives a proper outdoors lifestyle and it’s likely you’ll find yourself dreaming of the same.

Celestine Aerden

celestineaerden best adventure travel instagram
Celestine is a photgrapher from Belgium who’s currently exploring Canada (see I told you there was a lot of Canada in this list!). Her instagram gallery is full of gorgeous shades of blue and brown and feature a very handsome dog!

Hiking Corry

hikingcorry best adventure travel instagram
Canadian Corry is a hiker and yoga lover. She certainly knows how to do yoga with a view!

The Happy Banditt

thehappybanditt best adventure travel instagram
Lauren is a blogger and photographer from New Zealand her beautiful photos, both on her blog and instagram need to be checked out.

World Wanderista

worldwanderista best adventure travel instagram
Joelle’s vivid photos or her travelling with brighten up your day. She’s currently exploring the Azores – a place I’d love to see for myself!

The Travelista

the travelista best adventure travel instagram accounts
An old favourite, Jess has had some incredible luxurious experiences. From hot air ballooning over the Serengeti experiencing the Mocano Grand Prix, Jess’s instagram will take you to amazing places!


kpowley best adventure travel instagram accounts
Born and bred in London, Kirsten has spent a year in Melbourne and now lives in Toronto. She also travels to gorgeous places around the world; Norway anyone?

Travel Sassy

travel sassy best adventure travel instagram accounts
Lisa has recently moved to Thailand. Aside from vlogging about the lifestyle over there and useful travel tips, she also makes you jealous of these Asian beaches on Instagram.

Kooky Traveller

kookytraveller best adventure travel instagram accounts
Kirsten is an adventure traveller who has recently visited Yukon. Her photos of where they camping spots and cabins in Alaska have me stalking her feed time and time again.

Who are your favourite instagrammers?

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