When I’m not off travelling, writing about it here or sharing photos of recent adventures over on instagram, I’m probably reading about it. I’ve a stash of wadnerlust magazines, clippings from old Lonely Planet Traveller mags and the majority of my most recently read books feature the adventures of someone else.

When I read about adventures it inspires me and gives me tonnes of ideas for my next trips away. It also is pretty relaxing on a Sunday afternoon to just loose yourself in some far flung corner of the world without having to leave your sofa.

These are my favourite go-to travel books & magazines but I’d love to know what yours are!

Misadventures Magazine

misadventures travel books & magazines
I don’t remember how I came across the Misadventures website, but I’m so glad I did. Their magazine which was launched towards the end of last year and is currently produced twice yearly, is the only magazine I can read from cover to cover in one sitting.

The Misadventures team are all about highlighting the adventurous women out there. As they put it

Mis­ad­ven­tures champions women who embrace cre­ativ­ity, take risks, and go out and beyond. We spotlight inspi­ra­tional feats and fig­ures, beau­ti­ful spaces, honest-to-goodness adven­tures, and dis­cov­er­ies of all sorts.”

This means their magazine are full of sports stars you’ve never heard of, business women who are having a profound impact on their community, and many more inspiring stories from active, outdoor women.

It’s the magazine for women who are fed up with the lack of female representation in outdoors magazines and it’s brilliant!

Misadventures Magazine

Wanderlust Magazine

"wanderlust As far as mainstream travel magazines go, Wanderlust has to be my favourite. I subscribed to Lonely Planet for a few years too, but find Wanderlust covers a broader selection of countries and features more adventurous activities that I love.

There are always some great travel and photography tips in there too. Plus each month there’s a round up of the best recently published travel books to give you more ideas of what to read.



Alastair Humphreys, ‘Moods of Future Joys (Around the world by bike)’

alastair humprheys book travel books & magazines
Right afte watching Alastair Humphreys speak at the Innocent Unplugged festival I just had to get his book about cycling the world. I’m already a fan of his YouTube videos and films from his adventures and knew the book would be great too.

I raced through Moods of Future Joys eager to hear about the next stage of his adventure.

Part one covers Alastair’s journey from England down to the tip of Africa through Egypt, Sudan and plenty of desert.

I loved that there’s no shying away from the emotions Alastair felt on the journey. It’s not all sunshine and roses, there are lots of tears and plans to give up throughout but he persevered and I can’t wait to get my hands on the second part.



Another Escape

another escape magazine

This magazine is beautiful and each issue is a joy to flick through.

Every issue of Another Escape is split into four parts and each expores the stories of passionate people, landscapes and intriguing ideas. Another Escape describes itself as “an outdoor lifestyle, creative culture and sustainable living publication”

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Rather weirdly I always get a sense of calm after reading Another Escape. The stories make me go “wow” and the images leave me breathless.

It looks as great on a coffee table as it does pulled out of a back pack after a long day of hiking in the mountains.

What are your favourite travel books & magazines?