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Travel in 2014: Bolivia Bucket List

Salt Flats Bolivia
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After Peru we’re headed southwards to Bolivia. The country with the highest capital city in the world, and the largest salt flats in the world (pictured above). There’s tonnes to explore in Bolivia but here’s some of the things I really want to check off!

// La Paz is definitely somewhere we’ll be headed. It stands at 4,100m above sea level and sounds like a buzzing place. There’s a Witches’ market which sounds very interesting and worth a browse!

// The Pampas form part of the Amazon and on our journey over to Brazil we’ll be pretty close by. Given that they’re supposed to be one of the best places to see wildlife (and after all isn’t that what you want to see in the Amazon), stopping off here would be incredible!

// Copacabana. Every time I write this word I get this song stuck in my head… Although the song is about the Copacabana in Brazil, there’s also one in Bolivia. It’s near Lake Titicaca, which shares a border with Peru. Maybe I should learn the words so I can pull out a rendition of this song

// Salar de Uyuni (or the Salt Flats). Although the salt flats look like the whitest of white sands, it is actually a load of salt. Taking cheesy pictures is a must and the list is endless (got any more suggestions for me to try out?)

Of course there’s loads more but I think these are the top of my list. What would you do in Bolivia?

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