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Travelling To Uyuni

La Paz, Bolivia

We split our bus journey form La Paz to Uyuni up slightly. The whole journey takes about 12 hours and is renowned for being uncomfortable, due to a lack of paved roads, and absolutely freezing (the windows actually iced over!)

Our first leg of the journey was to Oruro, but thanks to the woman who sold us he ticket, we almost had to wait another day. 
We’d been the day before to try and buy a ticket but, from what we could understand, buying a ticket a day in advance doesn’t seem the done thing in Bolivia, and we were told to come back tomorrow. 
Slightly confused, but unable to argue otherwise, we came back the next day. A different woman at the counter told us no buses go at 2.30 (although we had been told this was the case), and that the price was 30, not 20, bolivianos. We bought the tickets and busied ourselves until it was time for the bus. 
We arrived, presented our tickets at the office and immediately got a look of “I’m sorry” from another member of staff. She gave us a refund and told us there was no bus to Oruro at 3, it was (as we thought) at 2.30pm, and that we’d been over charged anyway, 
Luck was on our side though as we nabbed the last couple of seats on a bus leavin within the next few minutes. 
Top tips: Pack warm clothes for the bus journey, its freezing. And don’t exoect a great night’s sleep either. You can also take the more expensive option of a direct bus to Uyuni (which we did on the way back).

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