When planning to visit Rio during the World Cup I always knew it’d be busy. But it was something else when it came to visiting the statue of Christ the Redeemer which looks over Rio and is one of the Wonders of the World.


A quick Google search the day before we went showed that joining the queue at 8am, got you a ticket for the tram at 11.30am. We decided that, as nice as a tram journey winding uphill through the rainforest would be, it wasn’t really worth it. Instead we booked a place on the minibus fir the same price.
We arrived at 8am and got to skip the queue, having already bought tickets, hopping on one of the first buses up.
The bus takes about an hour to get through Rio’s ever constant traffic and to the top. Although we arrived at 9am, the place was heaving already (I’m not quite sure how given ticket offices don’t open until 8am!).
It was nearly impossible to move through the crowds and step over people on the ground trying to fit the whole statue in to their photos, to get a good view of Christ. It was even harder to move to the end to look out onto Sugarloaf mountain.

Whilst Christ the Redeemer was undoubtedly impressive, the crowds made the experience less enjoyable. It was more a case of hurry to get around and down than enjoy the view.


It remains a must see though, just get there early, as the queue to get up when we got back down (around 11) was even worse! Or better still, don’t go during the World Cup!
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