where to eat brunch in Sydney, Australia.

When it comes to brunching, Sydney knows how to do it well. Not only do they know how to cook it, but a surprising number of people head out and get brunch come the weekend.

Wherever we walked in Sydney we saw independent cafes lining the road. Forget Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero, these were (mostly) independent places which was one of the things I loved about Sydney. I get the impression it’d be impossible to walk down almost any road in Sydney and not stumble across a cafe serving up a great brunch.

Brunches come in many forms, but you can be sure it’ll come with a side of coffee and, if you’re me, there’ll be some avocado in there somewhere.

We didn’t eat out much in Sydney in the name of saving money but the two meals we did have out were both breakfasts and they were so good it was worth sharing.

Breakfast at Latteria

places to eat in Sydney latteria
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Our flight arrived in Sydney at 5am and it was about 7am by the time we got to the Darlinghurst district of Sydney where our Airbnb was. It was too early to check in at that time so we headed off in search of breakfast and came across Latteria.

Even at 7 in the morning Latteria was busy. But it was busy with a certain type of customer: cyclists. There were around 15 cyclists all getting their espressos and coffees, chatting and discussing routes before heading off to cycle together.

We got chatting to one of the cyclists who gave us some places to add to our itinerary for the Blue Mountains and tipped us off about the marathon happening in Sydney as part of the Sydney running festival. It was a fantastic welcome to Sydney and Australia and I think we both wished we had some bikes with us so we could join them on their ride.

For food I ordered acovado on toast, of course. There’s not much you can say about avocado on toast, but trust me it was good – plenty of avocado and delicious sourdough toast with a flat white on the side. The omlette that my boyfriend ordered looked great too with plenty of filling rather than just a tiny bit.

Tigerbakers, Darlinghurst

ricotta hotcakes

Not so much a bakery, more a hip and trendy restaurant. There are electic vases, plenty of cushions on the sofas, mirror-tiled wales and Moroccan lamps. It’s a bit of a mish-mash of trends and styles but it works.

Tigerbakers has unusual brunch dishes, or at least I hadn’t come across them on a brunch menu before anyway. I opted for the ricotta hotcakes with mascapone, golden syrup and berry compote which were so light and tasty and something I want to try and recreate now I’m back home. The other dish we tried was cured salmon with beetroot, spinach and a perfect poached egg. I’m not a fan of beetroot – it’s probably the one thing I don’t really like, but all the other parts were really tasty and had a bit of a zing to them.

What’s your favourite brunch dish?

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