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Happy Birthday to Me!

Tyddyn du Farm

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meantwrog snowdoniaMeantwrog SnowdoniaMeantwrog SnowdoniaimageTyddyn du Farm suitesTyddyn du Farm suites

It’s my birthday!

and I’m celebrating in some luxurious surroundings in Meantwrog, Snowdonia. We’re staying in the Tyddyn du Farm, Wales. It’s the cutest little cottage you ever did see with a fireplace, a jacuzzi bath, the softest bedsheets and a welcoming bottle of proseco. I’m not normally one to get excited about my own birthday, but this one has been pretty exciting so far!

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  1. Happy happy birthday!

    1. Thanks, Emma! x

  2. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a lovely time!!

    1. Thanks Kerri! x