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Bringing your love of travel home

Bringing your love of travel home

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It’s no secret I love travel. And, since you’re reading my blog I’m going to guess that you do too! As much as I love travel I also really like having somewhere to call home. Whether that’s a van or an apartment I’m not too fussed but you can be sure it’ll be full of things we’ve picked up on our travels or that remind Thom and I of places we’ve been.

Since we’ve moved to Vancouver (and left books and trinkets with parents back home) we have a whole new place to decorate with travel related items!

This time around I’m interested in finding unique items with their own story. As much as I like the price of homewares in H&M or IKEA there’s something special about having a piece or art or decor that you know noone else in your building will have.

I genuinely spent an evening last week looking for companies that sold local, small-scale items with a good story (with the Great British Bake Off on in the background of course!).

When Uncommon Goods got in touch I then spent another evening browsing their site. They’re pretty much a marketplace for the exact type of household items I’ve been looking for. They know that there’s a story behind every product and their website is full of emerging designers, artisans from developing countries or seasoned artists who craft each piece by hand. There are so many products that I know would be just great when I need a present for tricky-to-buy-for-people

When you find an item you like on the Uncommon Goods site, you can read more about the artist or designer behind it. I love knowing where and how people came up with their ideas and that’s definitely not something you get when you shop at a bigger store.

On top of that a lot of the products are sustainably made, and Uncommon Goods don’t sell anything made from leather or fur!

I’ve browsed Uncommon Goods numerous times now and have picked out a few of my favourite travel related gifts to decorate our new home in Vancouver.

“With You I’m Home” art print

uncommon goods art prints

I really like this “With you I’m home” print that’s made on recycled paper. I feel like it sums us up pretty well. We like adventure and camping but the soppy side of me always thinks it’s best when we do it together.






National Parks Explorer Map

explorer map uncommon goods

Thom and I visited a lot of National Parks when we travelled across the USA but there’s still so many more for us to visit! I love this explorer map that marks whereabouts they are and it’d look great hung up on an office or bedroom wall!

This handmade map comes with 59 stickers so that you can mark off which ones you’ve been to and which ones you still have left to go.

hikers journey mug uncommon goodsHiker’s Journey Mug

I have this thing with mugs and I really like this one. The designer behind this mug, Shelly, hiked the Appalachian Trail and the mug maps the stages each long-distance hiker goes through. There’s perseverance, hunger & love; all feelings I felt when I hiked in the Himalayas for two weeks.


Cork Globe Map

cork globe uncommon goods

When I was younger I used to have a globe that was also a lamp. I don’t remember what happened to it but I kind of wish I’d kept it. Either way this cork globe would be a great replacement and definitely looks more stylish that my old one did!

Embroidered Pillows

embroidered pillow uncommon goods

Cushions and throws make a house feel so much more cosy. These embroidered pillows not only make it cosy but they serve as a reminder or your travels or home State too. I can definitely imagine gazing at this US & Canada pillow one evening and thinking back to the time we visited the Sierra Mountains or Florida’s Space Centre!

terra @

Thursday 21st of September 2017

Uncommon Goods is great! I've been lusting after that National Parks map for years now and the embroidered pillows are so, so pretty.