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Wild camping in Norfolk

Wild camping in Norfolk

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As I wrote last year, I love camping. There’s just something special about waking up, zipping open the tent door and looking outside at your view. However, I think I’ll be hard pushed to beat the view from a weekend ago when we went wild camping up in Norfolk.

Embracing the adventurers in us we caught the train up to Norfolk and headed off to the beach as the sunset to pick out the perfect camping spot.

wild camping in norfolk uk

We tucked ourselves away with dunes to the back of us and the waves of the North Sea to the front of us.

As the sun set we unpacked our Vango Mistral tent and set about putting it up.

The Vango Mistral tent is a great lightweight tent making it perfect for outdoors adventures where walking’s involved. It might not be the easiest tent I’ve ever put u; the holes for the poles aren’t in the usual place and are on the inner sheet rather than the outer sheet (unless I’ve been putting it up wrong!). However you can still get it up and ready to sleep in well under thirty minutes.

wild camping in norfolk uk

One of the big plus points of the Vango Mistral is how light it is – it weighs less than 3kg! Plus, it comes in a really great stuff sack so no more folding and unfolding the tent until it fits into the tiny bag you’re sure it couldn’t have come out of. With this bag you simply shove it in and pull the drawstring. It couldn’t be simpler.

One other thing to note is that this tent is really a summer tent. By that I mean that as the inner tent is mesh, and doesn’t have a double layer, it won’t keep you very warm during the winter. Check the weather forecast before heading out or pack a few more blankets to keep things really warm!

There’s plenty of room for two and there’s space to store your bags and shoes in the two doorways. We also managed to fit our airbed in there – adding a touch of glam to the whole experience!

wild camping in norfolk uk

We boiled up some water for a peppermint tea using and watched the stars and clouds above with a soundtrack of the waves. The camping stove is tiny but works a treat, it’s perfect for weekend adventures as it takes up so little space in your bag and, if you’re off hiking somewhere, then it won’t weigh you down.

The next morning we woke up to the sound of the waves at high tide. That’s possibly the best sound and the best sight was that of blue skies, gentle waves and the deserted beach.

The perfect weekend adventure, and my first wild camping adventure, just two hours away from London.

wild camping in norfolk uk

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