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Welcome To Bolivia

Bolivia Peru border

Bolivia Peru border

First impressions of Bolivia weren’t great. Whilst Peru was full of smiling faces and helpful people, Bolivia seemed grumpier and ruder.
Crossing the border into Bolivia is a pretty slow process. I’ve heard and read it’s even worse for Americans with immigration control being fussy about the quality of dollar notes: no creases whatsoever. Being British is definitely an advantage in South America when it comes to avoiding costly visa charges!
About 20 minutes from the border and we arrived in Copacabana (not the famous one with the song – that one is in Brazil!). It’s a small town which seems to only exist for the benefit of tourists. If you’re after pizza, pasta or even a full English breakfast you can find it here. It’s the main stopping point for Isla del Sol, the largest island in Lake Titicaca.
Bolivia is in the whole pretty cheap, Copacabana, on the other hand, not so much. We didn’t stick around long in Copacabana, giving Isla del Sol a miss and heading straight for La Paz the following afternoon, in the hope that our first impressions would change.

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  1. I’ve been to places where the first impressions aren’t great, but it’s nice to give things a chance though. I hope it turns out nicer for you.