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What to see and do in Jordan

What to see and do in Jordan

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Jordan is a relatively small country on the eastern bank of the Jordan River. It shares borders with Israel and the shores of the Red Sea.

A unique country, Jordan is becoming noticed on a global scale. It’s quickly become a popular destination for travellers worldwide.

Adventurers in Jordan can expect diverse sightseeing. There are archeological wonders, stunning mountain ranges, natural beauty and breathtaking desert landscapes. Jordan is also known for its hospitality, and authentic culture and cuisine. From Amman to Aqaba, Petra and Wadi Rum, the spectacular sites and the arid landscape offer a diverse vacation suitable for all types of travellers.

Take a look at this Jordan bucket list that includes something for everyone to see and do in Jordan.

Wadi Rum: The Valley of the Moon

Also known as the “Sand Valley”, Wadi Rum is unique and impressive. It’s cut into a sandstone and granite valley. You might even recognise some of the rock formations from the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” or more recently as the set of Mars in the movie “The Martian”.

Wadi Rum is also a hot-spot for eco-tourism, and adventure travellers. You’ll find plenty of opportunity for hiking, climbing, trekking, camping, jeep tours and ATV rides.

Expect to see plenty of camels, arabian horses and Bedouin campsites where you can get an authentic desert experience.

Things to do in Wadi Rum for hikers, climbers and adventurers

things to do in jordan

Jabal Umm ad Dami

This is the highest mountain peak in Jordan. It’s on the border with Saudi Arabia and sure to impress avid climbers.

Discover Khazali Canyon

Surrounded by dramatic sandstone cliffs and offering a special view, this canyon also has a small pool at the end. The perfect way to cool off after hiking in the desert heat!

Visit Lawrence’s Spring

This spring is perched on the side of a hill and has unbelievable views.

Take a Jeep Tour

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Wadi Rum by Jeep! This is a great way to see a lot of the region in a short amount of time. The desert landscape is sure to amaze.

Camp at a Bedouin campsite

Spend a night in an authentic Bedouin campsite. This is the best way to learn about the Bedouin culture. Enjoy a delicious meal, sip on sweet tea and have a camping experience like no other.

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Petra: A World Wonder

petra jordan

source: lonely planet

Petra is also known as the “Red Rose City” or the “Lost City”. It’s one of Jordan’s most valuable treasures. Petra is magical and is an absolute must-see destination in Jordan.

Built some 2000 years ago and rediscovered again almost 200 years ago, Petra is a stunning example of history.

Pink, sandstone cliffs surround the area which can be accessed through a crevasse known as ‘the Siq’.

Once you enter the city, the famous rock-cut architecture is sure to wow you. The city is recognised a UNESCO World Heritage site and it’s the most popular tourist attraction in Jordan.

Things to do in Petra


The main entrance to the city. You’ll walk through this crevasse to get to the “lost city”. The gap was carved by water and has an impressive rock formation.

As you pass through this natural gorge, you will be in awe as the Treasury comes into view.

Treasury (Al-Kazneh)

This former mausoleum is one of the most important ancient temples from the Nabatean Era. It’s a stunning building carved directly into the sandstone rock.

The Treasury has featured in films such as “Indiana Jones” amongst others. You can’t fail to be impressed by its immeasurable beauty.

For an unforgettable experience, head to the Treasury at night where it’s illuminated by candlelight.

Obelisk Tomb

Whilst there are many mountaintop tombs to explore, the Obelisk is arguably one of the best.
This tomb is unique in that is has two levels and each level represents a different story. One symbolises the proper tomb and the second is a classical style decoration showing a traditional Nabatean dining hall

Explore the Bedouin markets

Inside many of the historical sites throughout Petra you’ll find a small market filled with local artisan produce from the neighbouring Bedouin towns. It’s the ideal place to find beautiful pottery, Bedouin jewellery, glass ornaments and bottles made from local sand.

things to do in jordan

Amman: The Capital

No trip to Jordan would be complete without visiting Amman; Jordan’s capital and most populated city in the region.

Amman has earned a reputation for being the most westernised and liberal Arab city. It’s also become a lot easier to travel in Amman, in part because of recent renovations to the airport and railways.

Things to do in Amman

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is a must for travellers in Amman. This mountain is believed to be the place where Moses was offered the view to the promised land. From the top you’ll be around 710 meters above sea level and enjoy amazing views!

Downtown City

Don’t forget to check out the Amman Citadel with its rich history. The Citadel is an important site with a stunning Byzantine Church, the Umayyad Palace and the Temple of Hercules.

The Boulevard

Step away from the historical and discover the modern side to Amman. The Boulevard is a new district with plenty of shops and renowned dining.

Jordan Archaeological Museum

This museum is near the Citadel so make sure you stop by. Inside are archeological treasures from the 15th century all the way back to the prehistoric era.

A few other “must-sees” and “must-eats” in Jordan

  • Visit Aqaba uniquely the only city in Jordan that is along the coast along the Red Sea. If you are looking for luxury, Aqaba has some amazing luxury hotel properties overlooking the Sea. The beaches are relaxing and also offers some world class scuba diving
  • Drink delicious sweet tea, and flavourful coffee. Sharing sweet tea is part of the culture here.
  • Try an authentic Bedouin Zaarb. This is a special technique of cooking, from a traditional practice which involved chicken or lamb, a collection of fresh herbs and vegetables which are all gathered together and placed in an underground oven, lit by hot coals under the sand. The Bedouins have cooked this way for centuries, and it is the perfect way to taste the history of this unique region.