travel canada in winter

Travelling in Eastern Canada in the winter may not seem like the brightest of ideas but trust me when I say it has its perks.

True, ideally we probably wouldn’t have started our working holiday visa in Canada in the middle of winter, but I’m kinda glad we did. You see, travelling Canada in the middle of winter is great for many reasons, including the below…

Travelling Canada in winter is cheaper

Everything is cheaper when travelling in winter (apart from skiing) and you know what that means? You can travel for longer!

Our flights for example only cost £136. Yes, they were one way and yes we paid for our bags on top of that (just over £70 for 4 check-in bags), but you’re not going to get much cheaper than that!

Plus, it’s not only the flights that were cheap. Accommodation during Canada in winter is cheaper too. That’s a big enough perk of travelling in off-season for me!

Tonnes of winter festivals

winterlude ottawa

Maybe it’s done so as to keep Canadians’ spirits up during the cold winter months, but the Eastern cities of Canada have SO many festivals. Every city we’ve been to so far seems to have had something to celebrate.

In Ottawa there was Winterlude which runs across three weekends in February. There was music, ice sculptures, races and foodie events throughout the city. In Quebec City and Montreal there was Igloo Fest – a big outdoor music festival. Standing in the cold at night might not seem like the most fun way to spend your evening but at Quebec City’s Igloo Fest there were free Tim Hortons and open fires to keep you warm.
You won’t be short of things to do when travelling Canada in winter.

So. Much. Snow

travelling canada in winter

You’ve not truly seen a city covered in snow until you explore Canada in winter. Everywhere we’ve been so far has felt like a ski resort. Cities are completely different places when covered in snow and, whilst places look great in the summer with greenery and clear blue skies, I think they look pretty special blanketed in white too.

If you’re from England like me, you’ll be amazed at how people just go about their lives like normal with metres of snow all over the place. England would collapse with this much snow.

Far fewer crowds

travelling canada in winter

Not everyone wants to travel to Canada in winter which means that you’ll be able to get into attractions without having to queue much.

We didn’t have to queue at all for the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa but heard from our Couch Surfing host that at weekend and in the summer you would queue for hours.

If you can survive the winter you can get through anything

rideau canal ottawa things to do in ottawa in winter

So a little over the top, but it’s true that Canada has very cold winters. In the last few weeks we’ve been walking around in temperatures of -20 on a fairly regular basis. That’s not even as cold as it gets!

But, if we can survive this winter I’m pretty sure we’ll be well on our way to surviving most temperatures travel will throw at us!

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Would you go travelling in Canada in winter?