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I’ve teamed up with APH, who offer award winning, yet cheap airport parking at Gatwick and Heathrow, to share my favourite travel reads of all time. In return they’re going to share theirs and you can win a Kindleso you can read our favourites for yourselves and become inspired to visit more wonderful places.

I love nothing more than browsing the travel section in book stores, letting myself dream of far away places whilst I read blurbs and flick through travel guides. It’s hard to pick my favourite travel reads and, in fact, some of these aren’t specifically travel books, but they’ll whisk you away to far away places giving you a sense of wanderlust nonetheless.

Shantaram | Gregory David Roberts

Shantaram Travel Reads First up is Shantaram. I read this towards the end of last year and found myself instantly transported back to the hustle and bustle of India. Shantaram tells the tale of Australian bank robber and heroin addict, Lindsay Ford, who escapes prison and flees to India.The book sees the protagonist deal with life in the slums, crime, drug addiction and general adventures. If you’ve ever been to India I believe this book will take you straight back there. If you haven’t been, well, it’ll make you want to so you can experience the madness first hand.

A Year In The Merde | Stephen Clarke

A year in the merde travel books If you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time abroad, especially if it was in a country with a different language, you’ll have a lot in common with Paul, the main character. A Year In The Merde is the first in a series of books written by Clarke and all are hilarious. I’m sure they’ll succeed in making you laugh out loud. In fact they only got funnier when I reread the series after living in Grenoble myself!

The Travel Book | Lonely Planet

Lonely planet travel book The ultimate in ‘coffee table books’ for the keen traveller, this Lonely Planet book features every country in the World. With beautiful pictues and facts to impress your friends with you’ll find yourself flicking through the pages time and time again. Warning: It’ll cause a huge desire to see every country in the World at least once!

Ureka | Graham Field

Graham field ureka travel book I was sent a copy of Ureka while travelling through South America and thoroughly enjoyed it. In this, his second book, Graham Field documents his journey on a motorbike bought off eBay as he rides through Eastern Europe and beyond. This story, filled with dry humour, deals with border issues, visa quires and has beautiful descriptions of a relatively untouched area. It also raises the question many a long term traveller may have had: Whether it’s best to change plans and make a U-turn or keep going to stick to the plan.

Turn Right At Machu Picchu | Mark Adams

Mark Adams turn right This book has featured a couple of time on That Adventurer, and for good reason. Mark Adams’ often hilarious account of the time he decided to embrace adventure and trek the original route to Machu Picchu, is brilliantly paired with historical details on Hiram Bingham’s discovery of the Lost City. For anyone who has been, or plans to go, to Machu Picchu, reading Turn Right.. is vital to understanding more about this sacred place.
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