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I’m a big lover of all things Italian. Food. Drink. Scenery. Culture. History. It’s no surprise really considering that my parents are both big lovers of the country and some of our best family holidays were when we stayed in a villa in the Tuscan hill,  having transported our bright pink VW Campervan all the way from the South of England and across France. There were moments when the sliding door wouldn’t close, when the engine wouldn’t start, when it was too big to get down cobbled streets in Tuscan towns… It was all fun and games (most of the time)!

Therefore, it won’t come as a shock that Italy still holds a place in my heart and I could easily return to this beautiful country time and time again. But why not mix things up a bit and visit Sardinia? It’s still part of Italy but, at the same time, it’s sort of not. I suppose it’s a bit like Guernsey or Jersey. Still parts of the UK but, again, pleasingly different too.

Sardinia is the perfect place for both adventure travellers and luxury lovers. I’m rather partial to both those things making it the perfect place for me! Whilst I love getting my heart pumping doing something that terrifies me, there’s often nothing better than coming back to a gorgeous hotel room or having a spa treatment to unwind after an active day.

Fortunately, Wonderful Sardinia have you covered on both these fronts with their combination of luxury Sardinia 5 star hotels and fantastic concierge service with staff who can, and will, organise a whole host of adventurous and luxurious activities for your time on this beautiful Italian island! Want a table at an exclusive restaurant? A private yacht? Or just help with an airport transfer? They’ll sort it all for you!

Alghero, Sardinia

Of the 11 destinations that Wonderful Sardinia serve, Alghero caught my eye. I love the sea, the beauty of narrow, cobbled streets and the opportunity for adventure. Alghero has this and more.

Wonderful Sardinia
The main resort in the North West of Sardinia, Alghero is described as a tiny Barcelona; a shout out to it’s history as a Catalonian colony. If you’ve ever visited Barcelona then you’ll know that it’s a city famed for its beauty and Alghero lives up to the nickname in this respect.

The centro storico is among the best preserved old towns in the whole of Sardinia. Piazzas are lined with cafés and, through gaps in the town’s walls, you can spot glimpses of a calm, pristine blue sea that’s just waiting for you to dive in.

Adventure in Alghero

wonderful sardinia
La Via Ferrata del Cabirol  Take on the Via Ferrata which runs along a limestone cliff face 203m above ground level. Not one for the faint hearted, this climbing wall has tiny paths for your feet which are often so tiny that they’re pretty non-existent. If you can bare it, make sure you stop for a moment to take in the views and look out onto the Mediterranean. This is one time where the phrase “breathtaking” really is appropriate.

wonderful Sardinia

Le Ragnatele – The Ragnatele is a treetop adventure park where adults and children a like can take to the treetops and explore from up high with the help of ladders, ropes and pulleys. There are 8 adventure courses of different difficulty levels so there’s something for everyone. Stick around afterwards to appreciate the park’s scenery from a lower vantage point alongside a tasty BBQ made on the facilities available.

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Diving & Snorkeling – You’ve seen Alghero and the Mediterranean from up high, now it’s time to get in the water and see what’s down below. Head out to the marine protected area of Capo Caccia from Porto Conte in Alghero and visit a different world.

Wonderful Sardinia

Caves – First discovered by fishermen in the 18th Century, the Grotte di Nettuno has since become a popular attraction for any visitor to the island of Sardinia. The caves can be accessed via the sea on a quick ferry trip, or by taking the 656 steps that descend 110m of sheer cliff  until you’re below the surface. Whichever option you choose, the Grotte di Nettuno is a magical world of stalactites and stalagmites!

Luxury in Alghero

Feast on Catalonia style lobster – One of the best things about seaside towns is the food. With their proximity to the seas there’s always an abundance of freshly caught fish waiting to be eaten. Catalonia style lobster is a simple and elegant lobster salad made of tomatoes, potatoes and onions (and lobster of course!). It’s the perfect choice if you’re after a light lunch! But delicious food doesn’t stop there; there’s plenty of Sardinian treats to keep you going!

wonderful sardinia

Antonio Marras’ boutique – 
Fans of fashion and will want to make a trip to the boutique of Antonio Marras; the international fashion designer. The boutique has been carefully designed, and items selected so that the colours and fabrics compliment the historical context of the building in which they are housed; one of Alghero’s oldest.

wonderful sardinia
Stay in Luxury – The El Faro hotel is right on the sea near Porto Conte. Complete with private beach, there are also two outdoor seawater pools which allow you to completely relax in the hotel’s surroundings. Most of El Faro’s rooms have a balcony looking out over the sea from where you can sit back and watch spectacular sunsets or, watch the sun set over dinner by heading downstairs to the restaurant and taking advantage of the panoramic sea views.

wonderful Sardinia

Concierge Service with Wonderful Sardinia – Organise your trip to Sardinia with Wonderful Sardinia and make the most of their tailor made itineraries and concierge service which guarantees you’ll have an unforgettable experience on this beautiful Italian island. The concierge will arrange anything you desire, whether that be a private sailor and boat for an unforgettable wedding anniversary (or other special occasion), getting a table reserved at one of the island’s exclusive restaurants, or whatever else you can think of! The concierge service is available to everyone who books through Wonderful Sardinia – a treat that will really make your stay luxurious!

*This post was in collaboration with Wonderful Sardinia.
Sardinia really is this beautiful though!