I definitely favour cheap flights at unsociable hours over more expensive flights at “normal” times of the day (much to my boyfriend’s dismay).

It’s not just that they’re cheaper, it’s also that they arrive early giving you extra time in your destination. This is ideal for those of us who love weekend breaks.

However, even I’m not a fan of getting a night bus across London to ensure I’m at an airport by 4am.

My latest adventure to Greece meant flying from Heathrow which was great as I got to try out YOTEL, a rather funky brand of hotels, and grab an extra few hour’s kip before our flight at the same time.

What is YOTEL?

YOTEL review heathrow

YOTEL isn’t your standard hotel. It’s built specifically with travellers in mind.

If you’ve a layover and just want to sleep near the airport before your connection then YOTEL is your place. Yotel hotels are available to book throughout the day and by the hour. You decide when you check-in and when you check out. How good is that?

It’s founders say this:
“At YOTEL, hotels are our lifeblood. We might be small, but we certainly don’t think small; we have developed a sleek, adaptable, smart space to suit the individual needs of our every guest. We have smoothed out and simplified all the annoying bits of the usual hotel experience to leave you with everything you need, and none of the things you don’t. Once you YOTEL, there’s no going back.”

YOTEL review heathrow

And you know what? I have to agree with them. Next time I’m looking for an airport hotel I’ll definitely be giving YOTEL a call!

YOTEL hotel rooms

YOTEL not only has a cool name but their rooms are stylish, slick and surprisingly well thought out.

YOTEL review heathrow

There’s the standard cabin for one person, the premium cabin for two, and the premium triple for three travellers. Whilst the standard cabin has plenty of space for solo travellers due to its clever design, if you fancy a bit more room then opt for the premium cabin.

The rooms are compact, sure but they don’t feel small.

There’s storage under the bed for your luggage, the bed slides up and down taking you from chilling to sleeping depending on your mood and there’s space to hang up any important items of clothing too.

YOTEL review heathrow

The cool purple night lighting is a great touch and I found it to be actually pretty relaxing. Better still you can control the lights in the room and the bathroom without having to leave the comfort of your bed thanks to the switches in easy arm’s reach.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also get free hot drinks throughout your stay over by mission control (the YOTEL reception) or order some food to your room from the menu.

There’s free WiFi and you can easily work at one of the side table if you need to: YOTEL would be perfect for business travellers!

Getting to your terminal from YOTEL

Whether you’re getting up early for a flight or leaving midday, getting from YOTEL to your terminal at Heathrow couldn’t be easier. The Heathrow YOTEL is at terminal 4 which is in easy reach of terminals 1,2,3 and 5.

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If your flight is super early you’ll need to catch the bus as the tube would yet be running. There are about 2 buses every half hour and the staff at YOTEL will be able to tell you when the buses are going so that you don’t miss one. The bus takes about 20 minutes to get form terminal 4 to terminal 5.

For day flights at Heathrow you could also get the tube as well as the bus: it’s up to you!

As YOTEL at Heathrow is literally in the airport (rather than miles away like some so-called airport hotels), you’ll feel less panicked about the potential for missing your flight which makes everything much less stressful.

The verdict

YOTEL review heathrow

I’d highly recommend staying at YOTEL next time you fly fro Heathrow or Gatwick. Or, if you’re in Paris take a look at the Charles de Gaulle airport.

For me, staying away from home the night before travelling just gets me even more excited about the upcoming adventures! Plus, if you’re someone who either hates early mornings or panics about timings then I just know you’ll love it!