You don’t have to go far from Vancouver to find quiet beaches and secluded spots. Heck, you don’t even have to leave downtown (just go exploring Stanley Park and you can find a trail that with no-one else on it!). There are numerous beaches, woods, mountains and more to see in Vancouver and the surrounding area and one of these is Iona Beach.

And, thanks to its proximity to the airport it’s also super accessible. It takes less than 30 minutes to drive down to Iona Beach and Sea Island from downtown Vancouver so it’s perfect for a morning or adventure adventure.

There are a lot of cyclists who come down to Iona Beach (presumably from Vancouver) all dressed up in their lycra. But you don’t need lycra to cycle here!

Besides the sandy beach and the driftwood seats all over the beach, the main feature of Iona Beach is a long, thin jetty which goes about 4km into the mouth of the Fraser River. The ‘jetty’ is a cement outfall pipe and is great for cycling, running and walking.

Bikes are allowed on the lower part of the jetty. Whilst it’s not a particularly great path – bumpy and gravely – the views are pretty good. You’ll see Pacific Spirit Regional Park and UBC and over to West and North Vancouver. If you cycle slow enough, you’ll probably spot a few seals or otters bobbing about in the sea.

When you reach the end of the jetty there’s a great look out spot to enjoy for a while. There’s a few shelters along the jetty too if you get caught out in the rain or wind!

After you’ve cycled the south jetty make sure to spend some time walking along the beach. You can also walk on the north jetty which seems to stretch even further into the sea!

If you’ve brought lunch with you then enjoy a picnic but if not then we highly recommend the Flying Beaver Grill. We left absolutely stuffed after two of their Bad Boy Burgers and a shared trio of desserts! It was pretty busy when we got there and so we did have to wait a little while but it was totally worth it!

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