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Europe Travel Guides

Planning to travel to Europe? Check out these Europe travel guides from places I’ve visited over the years.

Click the country you’re interested in visiting on the map below and you’ll see all my travel blogs from that country.

Pink is countries I’ve lived (or live) in and blue is countries we’ve been to.

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UK Travel Guides

glencoe scotland landscape

I grew up in the UK and spent the first 26 years of my life exploring what it has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to visit the highlands in Scotland, explore the best things to do in Edinburgh for free, or just what to do in Edinburgh, or things to do in Glasgow, maybe you’ll looking to plan a road trip around the UK, spend time in London or other cities, or perhaps find the cute towns in the Cotswolds, you’ll find plenty of UK travel inspiration below.

Scandinavia Travel Guides

senja norway

Who doesn’t love Scandi-culture?

The freedom to roam, the effortlessly cool style and hygge come winter, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are so much fun to explore.

Norway travel guides

We spent two months in Norway and actually got married there, high above the Arctic circle in Tromsø, fitting in as many of the best Tromso hikes as we could!

For our honeymoon, we went to Sommarøy and Senja where we explore the best hikes in Senja as well as things to do there.

We then spent six weeks exploring the beautiful Lofoten Islands finding the best hikes in Lofoten, and getting to know the towns of Henningsvær and Svolvær very well.

If you need tips on visiting Lofoten, are looking for the best beaches in Lofoten or want to know how to see the Lofoten Northern Lights, I have a guide for that!

Norway is expensive, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. I’ve got a great budget guide to Oslo.

Sweden Travel guides

We’ve also done a couple of trips to Sweden, with more to come. If you’re looking to explore the best things to do in Gothenburg, such as the Gothenburg archipelago and the Gothenburg Christmas market or perhaps wondering about what you should know before going to Sweden check out my guides.

I’ve also got guides on what to do in Malmö and the best things to do in Lund.

Denmark Travel guides

As part of our year in travel, we spent some time exploring Copenhagen in Denmark. This has given us a little taster of what Demark is like and I’m sure it’s somewhere we’ll end up going back to sooner rather than later!

See my 3 day Copenhagen itinerary or check out how to get from Copenhagen to Malmo or even Copenhagen to Oslo! If you only have a couple of days in Copenhagen, I’ve put together a great Copenhagen 2 day itinerary too.

Portugal Travel Guides

lisbon portugal

After 2 months in Northern Norway above the Arctic Circle, and three months in Scotland, we were in desperate need of some sunshine and warmth and so we spent a month in Portugal. Our first two weeks were in the beautiful city of Lisbon, followed by two weeks in the Algarve.

It was my first time in this country and so my first time in Lisbon too and I absolutely loved the city especially all the things to do in Lisbon city centre, visiting Sintra and Cascais and exploring the best things to do in Lisbon Portugal.

The Algarve was unexpected too and getting from Lisbon to Albufeira was easy.

I knew The Algarve had nice beaches, but didn’t realise they were as nice as they were. I also was expecting to see more high-rises and all-inclusive beach resorts and there were fewer of those than I thought which was nice to see.

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France Travel Guides

view from turenne france most beautiful village dordogne valley

I spent a year living in Grenoble while studying French at university. Together with family trips abroad, I’ve been lucky enough to visit France many times, trying to see as many places as possible.

From exploring the prettiest towns in the Dordogne Valley to budget ski trips near Grenoble, or skiing in Les Sybelles or exploring Brittany, I’ve plenty of French travel guides for you.

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Spain Travel Guides

southern spain road trip blacksheep van

Spain is a beautiful country and there’s so much to explore from mountains to beaches and delicious food.

I’ve mostly explored Spain by car taking a road trip in Northern Spain, and some of Southern Spain too. I’ve also got a great guide on how to plan a day trip to Gibraltar and what to do in 48 hours in Madrid.

Check out my Spain travel guides.

All Europe Travel Guides

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