Our USA road trip ended a month ago (a month already!) and it was incredible. We saw so much and we’ve pretty much been enjoying summer since mid-March. Which, if you ask me, is well deserved having converted our van in the freezing cold of a Home Depot car park in Toronto.

Below is the road trip route we took around the US. During the route we covered over 20,000km, 22 States, 12 National Parks, 1 lost passport mishap, a punctured tire, an expensive visit to the garage, one gun spotted in a restaurant and 2 bear sightings.

We covered a lot but it also looks like we really didn’t do all that much?!

three month USA road trip itinerary

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I’ve still got SO much to write about our trip. I also kept a diary full of my observations from on the road which I may share a bit of on here (if you’re lucky!).

If you’ve got any questions about our route, want advice on how to plan your own, or just want to say hi then please do 🙂

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