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Want to know more about a particular destination? Use the map below or click the images to see all the posts I’ve written about that country.

Worldwide Destinations

From moving to Canada, spending three months backpacking in South America, travelling around the USA on a road trip for 3 months, or planning a train journey on the Trans Siberian railway, I prioritise travelling and have been fortunate enough to travel to many countries now.

While I’m taking more care to reduce flights, I don’t plan on stopping my travelling anytime soon!

Adventures by country Placeholder
Adventures by country

Blue is countries I’ve been to, pink is countries I’ve lived in.

Europe by country

Discover more posts about the European countries I’ve lived in and travelled to.

I grew up in the UK and lived in France for a year. I’ve also spent 3 months living in northern Norway and have plenty of other Europe travel guides that will help you plan your trip.

Simply click the country below to load all the posts related to that country.

Europe Map Placeholder
Europe Map

Canada by Province

Canada Placeholder

Interested in visiting Canada? I spent 6 years living in Canada and have explored both the west and the east coast. My Canada travel guides featured plenty of information per province and my Vancouver guides go into more detail about the best things to do there.

USA by State

We spent three months on a road trip across the US in our self-converted campervan.

We went from upper New York State all the way down to Florida Keys then across through Texas and New Mexico, through Utah and Arizona and to California.

From California, we explored San Francisco and Big Sur, then drove up on Highway 101 in California, through Oregon and Washington until we reached Vancouver.

If you are looking for more information on US National Parks, or things to do in various US cities and states, click on the relevant state below.

Or, just take a look at my USA bucket list to give you some inspiration for your trip!

US - by state Placeholder
US - by state