If you’ve visited Marrakech you’re bound to have spent some time walking around the Jemaa el fna at night and during the day. Jemaa el Fna is Marrakech’s main square and is well worth a wonder. If you’re looking for some more alternative things to do in Marrakech; look here.

When the sun begins to set people from all areas of Marrakech flock to Jemaa el fna.


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Metal bars are transformed into bustling street food stalls, smoke fills the air as chicken, snails and other foods are cooked in the open air. Pipes charm snakees, guitars and men begin singing and women call out “hello, henna” everytime you walk past.

Jemaa el fna becomes a pretty crazy place at night and if you’re walking around this maze of orange juice stands and streel food stalls you’ll hear a lot of crazy lines from the vendors trying to get you to eat at their stool.

Here’s  some of the best…

Marks & Spencer’s quality

5 year guarantee, no diarrhoea

Finger licking good!

Cheaper than Primark

Number 1 Trip Advisor

Come back later alligator

Liverpooool, Chelseaaa!

and perhaps the winner when it comes to honesty…

It’s all the same sh*t, might as well eat here. 

If you’ve been to Marrakech I’d love to know if you heard anything like this!

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