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Living Like A Gaucho: A True Uruguayan Cowboy Experience

We got off the bus with bleary eyes from our 26 hours of travelling. Making our way from Iguazu Falls, in Argentina, to Tacuarembó in Uruguay, wasn't the easiest route but we were finally there and ready to spend the next two days in rural Uruguay in an authentic cowboy camp. Our host Pedro, and his Grandson Bautista, picked us up form the bus station and we piled into his pickup. It was another hour to ...
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Montevideo, Uruguay

Within a week we'd gone from sunbathing in Rio's beaches in 34 degree heat, to piling on the jumpers and coats in a chilly 10 degree Montevideo.   Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay; it's probably one of the view capital cities in the world which shuts down completely on a Sunday. We walked past a tourist jnformation office and asked what there was to see. We were told that 98% of Montevideo would be ...
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Four Countries In TwentyFour Hours

Or at least is would have been, had our night bus not been late! Given that we were so close to Paraguay we figured we couldn't pass up the chance to see what it was like (and of course get another stamp in our passports!). We were going to visit the previous evening but got warned by spa guy on the bus that the bridge that takes you to Paraguay was pretty much a no-go zone ...
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