When I signed up to sail the Greek islands with MedSailors for a week I must admit I had some doubts about whether or not it was for me.

I wasn’t doubting that I’d love Greece or sailing. I was more worried that the week would turn into a week of drinking from sunrise until sunset every day. I’d associated sailing trips and tours aimed at 20-somethings to be that way. I enjoy a good cocktail or two but I’ve left the days of drinking like that back at university!

Our boat knew how to party, but we also enjoyed days of exploring, cliff jumping, swimming and paddleboarding. It couldn’t have been better.

Nowadays I’m more about exploring and adventuring and MedSailors gave me exactly what I was looking for! Our boat knew how to party, but we also enjoyed days of exploring, cliff jumping, swimming and paddleboarding: it couldn’t have been better!

Who are MedSailors?

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MedSailors was set up by three Kiwis who live and breathe sailing. Unlike some other “sailing” companies, you’ll actually get to experience sailing (not just motoring) whilst in the Mediterranean Sea.

MedSailors sail in Turkey, Croatia and Greece and have itineraries for each one which lets you explore some of the prettiest islands and coastlines of each country.

The MedSailors’ Greece itinerary

The Greece itinerary saw us sail islands I’d never heard of. You won’t be visiting the big names of Zakynthos, Mykonos or Santorini on this trip, instead you’ll be discovering the less well known, but stunningly beautiful, Saronic islands.


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The MedSailors Greece itinerary takes you to six different islands; Perdika, Erminoni, Spetses, Hydra, Poros and Agistri and starts and ends in Athens. The order you visit the islands might change depending on wind and weather conditions. Whilst we visited all the islands, We didn’t dock in Hydra as some strong winds were forecast which would’ve meant a pretty restless night!


The last Greek sunset was a good’un #medsailors #greece #sailing
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During the day you’ll usually have breakfast before setting off to a particular bay or island where you can swim, snorkel, paddleboard or cliff jump before lunch. After lunch you might then enjoy a few hours of sailing practise if the wind is good, do a spot more swimming or dock up at an island ready to explore or try out a fun activity.

There’s plenty of extra activities to try out on the islands but if you’re only going to do one make sure you hire a quadbike or scooter on the Greek island of Spetses!

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Once you’re docked up in Spetses you’ll have most of the afternoon to grab a quadbike with your MedSailors crew and ride around the island.


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If your skipper comes with you then make sure they show you the cave on the far side of the island where you can climb down into the cave and swim out of it into the open seas.

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On the far side of the island to where you’ll dock, there’s also a wonderful beach bar. Park up your quad bike, grab a sun lounger and chill out with a cocktail or cold beer as the sun begins to set before heading back to the little town of Spetses and tucking into a delicious gyros.

We ate at Souvlucky which left us stuffed all for the price of just 2 euros 30!

Other activities available on the islands include donkey riding in Hydra, scuba diving in Agistri and watersports in Poros – try clinging on to the doughnuts for a bit of an adrenaline buzz!

Besides the activities, there’s plenty of exploring and sea swims to do!

The food

Your MedSailors skipper will prepare a tasty breakfast and lunch during your trip. Sam did a great job of cooking up pasta, eggs and tasty cheese and meat platter for us all.

I can guarantee lunch whilst bobbing around in a Greek bay will be one of the prettiest places you’ve ever eaten at before.

Most evenings you’ll probably eat dinner with your crew at one of the local restaurants. They’re a great way to eat as much Greek food as possible as you’ll usually be offered a deal on a mezze platter. We ate everything from octopus to taramasalata, fried feta and halloumi. It was all delicious and I’d eat Greek food everyday if I could!

The MedSailors yachts


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The MedSailors yachts are incredibly comfortable and had plenty of space for all nine of us.

We were in the premier plus yacht which was slightly bigger and newer than some of the other boats in the fleet but all boats looked great!

As the weather is so lovely in Greece we spent most of our time outside on deck where there was plenty of space both for sunbathing up at the front, and lazing on the sofas near the back. We played music, thanks to the phone and ipod connector, spotted dolphins, lay down in the hammock and just generally relaxed.

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Our bedroom was pretty spacious too. There’s a cupboard to store your bags and clothes and the bed was pretty spacious too – it felt bigger than our one back home!

The verdict

The last Greek sunset was a good’un #medsailors #greece #sailing

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MedSailors gets a huge thumbs up from me. Far from being the week-long drinking fest I’d feared MedSailors a perfect, relaxing way to get to explore the Saronic islands in Greece. From the yachts to the staff, the food and the activities the whole week was great fun!

Before you travel you’ll be asked what you’re after: partying, partying with sightseeing or just sightseeing and MedSailors do a brilliant job at putting people after the same things together.

It’s also great that you get the chance to learn how to sail if you want to. Our skipper, Sam, was great at teaching us the ropes and getting ready for the MedSailors raceday!

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If you want to explore the lesser known islands of Greece, learn how to sail and get your dose of sun and sea then book a holiday with MedSailors this summer!

More about MedSailors in Greece

For more information about the MedSailors Greece itinerary and yachts see the MedSailors website.