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Whistler in December: 27+ Best things to do

When it comes to places to visit in Canada in December, Whistler has to be up there with one of the best.

While living in Vancouver we were fortunate to visit Whistler most weekends in December for some early-season skiing, cross-country skiing, and more. Every time I go back to Whistler I discover some new winter activities to do and visiting Whistler in December is no different.

December is the time when the snowfall usually begins to ramp up you’ll get your first true powder skiing days, beautiful snowy scenes all over the town, and plenty of fun things to do in Whistler whether you’re looking for indoor activities in Whistler, or outdoor adventures.

Whistler Blackcomb usually opens for skiing in late November but it’s not until December that the skiing begins to get really good.

Even if you’re not visiting Whistler for skiing, you’ll find plenty of non-skiing activities in Whistler that’ll keep you entertained.

Added to the usual activities, Whistler in December becomes even more magical since you’ll get all the Christmas events taking place too. From skiing with Santa, Christmas caroling, and markets, to the weekly Fire and Ice show, there are loads of reasons to go to Whistler this December or Whistler at Christmas!

whistler olympic park

The best Whistler events in December

Below is a bit of a Whistler Blackcomb guide to the events happening in December. This will be updated as the resort plans more for the upcoming Whistler ski season 2023 – 2024.

Whistler Fire and Ice Show

One of the best free things to do in Whistler BC is to attend the Fire & Ice Show.

The show takes place every Sunday night during the winter in Whistler in the Skier’s Plaza. You’ll get to watch as Whistler’s best skiers and snowboarders perform stunts such as skiing through fiery rings all to a background of pumping music.

The night ends with an impressive display of fireworks too!

This is a great family event in Whistler just make sure to wrap up warm on those chilly evenings in December at Whistler.

Attend the Whistler Film Festival

The Whistler Film Festival takes place every year in December and is often referred to as ‘Canada’s Coolest Film Fest’.

This prestigious event is organized during the initial weekend of December, and features around 100 films, with a focus on local and independent cinema.

The films are usually a great mix of thought-provoking documentaries and compelling narratives and there are also interactive discussions with different speakers, where you can learn from, and connect with, industry experts to gain an insider’s perspective into the fascinating world of film.

Best things to do in Whistler in December

whistler winter activities

Go skiing at Whistler Blackcomb in December

Every winter, Whistler attracts a myriad of snow enthusiasts, drawn by the internationally renowned Whistler Blackcomb, North America’s largest ski resort.

Whistler Blackcomb is home to a huuuge area for skiing with over 4,757 acres, 36 lifts, and more than 200 runs, as well as access to vast stretches of backcountry terrain. While skiing whistler in December can be a bit hit or miss in terms of conditions, with all that terrain you’ll easily find trails that match up with your skiing ability and preferences.

Unfortunately, the cost of lift tickets is high and prices start from $190 CAD per adult per day. However, you can sometimes find discounted rates if you book in advance or for midweek ski days. Booking multiple days in one go can get you some discounts too.

If you’re a local or planning on doing a lot of skiing this year, you might want to get the Epic Pass or the Edge card for more skiing days at a reduced daily rate.

For those new to skiing, I highly recommend booking a few ski lessons which can make the whole learning to ski experience much more enjoyable.

Lifts get busy before they open at Whistler, especially at weekends when people from Vancouver and Seattle come up to Whistler to ski. You want to be in line before they open if getting your full day of skiing is important.

We usually started from Whistler Village Gondola, but have friends that typically start from Creekside. The advantage of Creekside is that the parking in the main underground parking lot is free and you can skip some of the traffic on the way out of Whistler after a day of skiing.

Whistler Blackcomb tips: If you’re skiing Whistler at the weekend, hang around in town after the lifts close and grab dinner at a Whistler restaurant. The Sea to Sky highway to Vancouver from Whistler gets super busy and so you’ll just end up sitting in traffic meaning grabbing dinner and leaving a bit later (around 7 pm) makes the experience more enjoyable.

The best time to visit Whistler in winter for snow usually starts from December with the end of the month and January and February being some of the best for Whistler snowfall levels. The Whistler ski resort is so large though, that you’ll usually find plenty of open trails in December even if the lower ones are closed.

Though Whistler snow in December (particularly at the start of the month) can be slow to arrive, the rest of the activities listed below aren’t as reliant on the snow.

We’ve been skiing in Whistler in December many a time and even had some great powder days some years!

whistler olympic park snowshoe

Go snowshoeing in Whistler

Snowshoeing in Whistler can be a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding Whistler without having to get your adrenaline going too much.

It’s also waaay cheaper than going skiing at Whistler!

Some of the best places to get started with snowshoeing at Whistler are the managed trails around Lost Lake and Callaghan Valley by Whistler Olympic Park. These areas offer snowshoe rentals and have easy-to-follow trail maps and marked routes for all abilities and fitness levels.

Guided snowshoe tours are also available, offering the added benefit of knowledgeable guides, refreshments, and the peace of mind of not getting lost.

This half-day snowshoe tour where the path will be chosen depending on the group’s desire and could be around the Whistler train wreck, Callaghan Valley, Crater Rim, or elsewhere.

While the Whistler Medicine Trail snowshoe tour is a 2.5-hour snowshoe tour along the Medicine Trail in Whistler. You’ll explore forests full of cedar and hemlock trees, taste tea made from medicinal plants, and capture photos of Trapper’s Cabin and Totem Pole Lake.

whistler olympic plaza ice skating

Go ice skating in Whistler

Visiting Whistler in December wouldn’t be complete without trying out one of the Whistler ice skating rinks.

There are two main rinks in Whistler. There’s the outdoor rink at Whistler Olympic Plaza in Whistler Village which should be open in December and provides fun for all ages as well as skate and helmet rental. You’ll skate under cover, but outdoors with twinkling lights all around you.

There’s also the indoor skating rink at Meadow Park Sports Centre which is larger and another great option for trying this typically Canadian sport.

Ice skating in December at Whistler can also be the best time for skating on Whistler’s lakes too since there may have been a long period of cold temperatures, but not much snowfall at the lower elevations.

Go snow tubing

If you’re traveling to Whistler with kids, snow tubing and sledding are some of the best December activities in Whistler.

The Bubly Tube Park at Whistler Blackcomb is the best place for Whistler tubing as it’s purpose-built. You can rent a tube there and then enjoy a thrilling ride down the tubing lanes before taking the conveyor belt back up for another go.

Tickets are sold per hour and advance booking is advised especially on weekends and during school holidays.

Free parking is available at Parking Lot 8 on Blackcomb Mountain, a short walk from the tubing center.

For younger children, a gentle hill by the Whistler Olympic Plaza serves as a perfect spot for less steep sledding.

Grab the first tracks on Whistler Mountain

If there’s fresh powder forecasted, getting a First Tracks ticket is an absolute must-do!

This unique thing to do in Whistler allows you hit the slopes before the crowds, guaranteeing you the freshest trails.

However, only the first 600 ticket holders in line will be able to use their First Tracks ticket that day, so make sure you get there early to be able to enjoy a Whistler Powder Day!

The First Tracks ticket, priced at $28, gives you early access to the mountain between 7:30 and 8:00 am.

Included in this cost is a $17 one-time voucher, redeemable for food anytime during the day, including a delectable hot breakfast at the Roundhouse Lodge at the mountain’s summit.

snowmobiling in whistler

Book a Whistler snowmobiling tour

Experiencing the stunning winter landscapes of Whistler on a snowmobile is an exhilarating way to explore the area.

There are several snowmobiling tours in Whistler, with the Callaghan Cruise best for the entire family, and the Wilderness Run best for more experienced, or fear-free riders.

You’ll have the thrill of driving the snowmobile yourself, guided by experts who’ll provide useful tips and guide you along the trails. Both tours last about 3 hours so are the perfect half-day winter activity in December.

The Callaghan Cruiser snowmobile tour takes you into the Callaghan Valley to an old gold mine, offering breathtaking vistas, including the iconic Black Tusk mountain. The Whistler Wilderness Run includes an optional mountain breakfast add-on and takes you to some of the 2010 Winter Olympics events sites, through forests and over frozen lakes on your snowmobile.

For seasoned riders, snowmobile rentals are available through RideWhistler. But remember, never rent one without a guide if you’re a novice, and always be aware of avalanche risks.

how to find blackcomb glacier ice cave

Find the Whistler Blackcomb ice cave

The stunning Blackcomb Ice Cave is a must-visit for adventurous skiers on Blackcomb.

Reaching the Blackcomb Glacier requires a bit of effort and strong skiing skills since you’ll need to cross off-piste terrain as you ski down the Blackcomb Glacier.

In lower snow years, the ice cave may not be accessible in December. Always pay attention to any lift and area closures while skiing in Whistler. They’re there for your own safety.

Once inside, the mesmerizing blue hues of the ice and the fascinating formations will take your breath away. It’s such a cool place to visit in Whistler!

spearhead traverse ski trip (9 of 29)

Go backcountry skiing near Whistler

If you’re an adventurous skier eager to escape the groomed slopes, Whistler offers ample opportunities for backcountry skiing.

Routes such as The Spearhead Traverse and the Musical Bumps can be accessed from both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Rainbow Lake in Callaghan Valley and the Duffy Lake Area up north are also popular choices.

However, be aware that this is not for novices. You must have strong skiing skills, excellent fitness levels, and avalanche training, as well as the proper gear and knowledge to use it.

You can check the current avalanche conditions on and exercise caution as accidents occur in these mountains every season.

For visitors unfamiliar with the area, hiring a guide for backcountry skiing and split boarding is recommended. They’ll plan a tour suited to your skills, fitness level, and current avalanche conditions. Limited to 6 people, this backcountry ski tour offers five runs of sheer joy in Whistler’s untouched terrain.

Local insight: You can book a backcountry ski ticket from the ticket offices at the resort which is much cheaper than a full-day lift pass. This gives you access to three lifts which is enough to get you up into the backcountry. You must show the ticket officer your backcountry safety equipment (shovel, probe, transceiver) as well as fill out a trip-plan form.

Join a Whistler Snowcat tour 

A snowcat is a sturdy vehicle with tracks designed to move over the snow and in Whistler, you can book a snowcat tour which is one of the best ways to experience the magic of Whistler in December and is one of the best things to do in Whistler at night.

A night snowcat tour gives you the chance to see the snow-clad slopes from a new perspective. These tours also include an alpine dinner and warm drinks at the Crystal Hut perched atop the mountain which is such a fun and unique experience!

Scandinave Spa in Whistler

Relax at a Whistler spa

After a tiring day full of adventure in Whistler or braving the winter chill, nothing revitalizes you more than immersing yourself in a warm, calming spa. Fortunately, Whistler is home to several spas where you can relax and recharge after a long day of snowy activities.

The Scandinave Spa, Whistler’s most popular spa, is set amongst the forest with outdoor hot tubs, saunas, plunge pools, and an indoor solarium (my favorite part). The spa is a no-talking spa so it’s the perfect relaxation spot.

Another great Whistler spa is the spa at Nita Lake Lodge. On the shores of Nita Lake, this spa has stunning views of the lake and mountains and offers many spa treatments from massage to facials.

whistler winter zipline

Go ziplining in Whistler

Winter zip lining in Whistler adds an adrenaline-pumping dimension to your winter getaway. Soaring over snow-capped trees, you get to experience the snowy landscapes from an exhilarating vantage point.

This 2-hour winter zip line tour in Whistler typically occurs just before sunset, offering stunning golden light views as you traverse the course, which includes four different ziplines.

Check out the Whistler breweries

For craft beer enthusiasts, Whistler has an impressive beer scene with a growing number of breweries found throughout the town.

At the moment there are 3 great Whistler breweries: Coast Mountain Brewing, Whistler Brewing Co., and The High Mountain Brewing Company.

Whistler Brewing’s honey lager is a personal favorite. But with hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts to refreshing wheat beers and so many other options, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and preferences for beer!

This Whistler Valley Beer Tour allows you to visit all three breweries, offering tastings and a peek into the beer-making process.

whistler weekend getaway from vancouver

Ride the Peak 2 Peak Gondola

The Peak 2 Peak Gondola, a lifeline for skiers and snowboarders, links Whistler to Blackcomb Mountain and is open in December weather permitting.

Even if you’re not skiing, it offers an unforgettable sightseeing journey across the valley. The gondola spans 4.4 km between the two mountains, making it the highest lift of its kind, standing 436 m above the valley floor.

Its cabins come with large windows, offering breathtaking views of the Whistler landscape. And if you’re skiing, the gondola ride is already included in your day pass!

Top tip: If you’re prepared to wait longer in line you can also go in one of the gondolas with a glass floor so you can see straight down to the valley bottom!

vallea lumina whistler summer

Vallea Lumina

In the woods of Cougar Mountain, experiencing Vallea Lumina is one of the best December activities in Whistler.

You’ll head out on a magical journey through the woods on a 1.5 km trail of light and sound that tells the story of some missing hikers.

You’ll step into the illuminated path of these two lost explorers, their intriguing tale unfolding through light displays and music.

Starting around sunset, Vallea Lumina promises an experience like no other and is a fantastic family activity in Whistler in December.


Dogsledding in Whistler

Dog sledding in Whistler is undeniably among the best Whistler winter activities.

This exhilarating journey lets you meet and interact with the dogs before the ride, bask in the thrill of speeding through the forest on your sled, and enjoy further playtime with the dogs after your run.

The excitement in the air is palpable as the dogs eagerly await the start of the tour and you might not be able to hear yourselves talk over the noise of the dogs at the beginning. It goes to show how much they just love to run!

There are two dog sledding companies in Whistler, Blackcomb Dog Sled and Canadian Wilderness Adventures, which offer 2-3 hour tours, including transportation to and from Whistler Village.

The sleds usually fit up to 2 adults, or 2 adults and 1 younger child. There are some weight restrictions with a max weight of 350 lbs per sled.

mount curie coffee whistler

Check out the best Whistler cafes

The cozy coffee shops in Whistler serve as ideal spots to warm up and savor delicious coffee, delectable treats, and creamy hot chocolates.

Purebread Cafe, a crowd favorite, is renowned for its extensive array of pastries, cakes, bars, and more. For coffee connoisseurs, Forecast Coffee offers the perfect espresso, thanks to its in-house bean roasting process.

Lift Coffee Company, situated across from the Whistler Gondola, is another great stop for a quick coffee fix before hitting the slopes and is my morning go-to whenever we visit Whistler in winter.

Visit the Whistler Distillery

The vibrant Whistler drinks scene extends beyond coffee and beer, and gin lovers would find the local distillery tour fascinating.

This 2-hour Whistler distillery tour in Function Junction, about 15 minutes from Whistler Village includes a guided tour of Montis Distilling, spirit tastings, and a complimentary snack box with cheese and charcuterie.

Following the tour, swing by The Raven Room, a popular Whistler cocktail bar, for some exclusive deals on their mixed drinks.

whistler winter activities (1 of 5)

Cross country skiing in Whistler

When visiting Canada in December, cross-country skiing is a super fun activity to try.

We got into cross country skiing while living in Sun Peaks and when we came back to Vancouver we spent many a day at the Whistler Olympic Park cross-country ski trails, they’re so much fun!

Whistler Olympic Park offers over 90 km of cross country ski trails from easy greens to steep and tough black runs and you can even go on the very trails used in the 2010 Winter Olympics!

Some trails are dog-friendly, allowing you to bring along your furry friend too.

You will need to purchase a trail pass, and ski rentals are available at the park.

When you need a break, don’t miss the park’s cafe and restaurant, known for serving some of the most reasonably priced food in Whistler.

what to do in whistler in winter for non skiers (1 of 3)

Go hunting for frozen waterfalls near Whistler

Some of the best things to see in Whistler include its waterfalls which are sometimes frozen if you’re visiting Whistler in December.

The one in the photo above is from a snowshoeing trip to Alexander Falls in the Callaghan Valley near Whistler and it was such a cool hike down to the waterfall!

While Brandywine Falls is off-limits during winter due to the closed parking lot, you can venture to Nairn Falls north of town, or Shannon Falls in Squamish for a mesmerizing winter waterfall experience.

Take a snowy bungee jump in Whistler

Whistler offers adrenaline junkies a thrilling winter activity: bungee jumping.

The Whistler Bungee jump launches you from a 49 m (160ft) high platform over the Cheakamus River. The jump spot, surrounded by snow peaks, stunning rivers, and snow-draped trees, provides a breathtaking backdrop to your daring leap.

Whether you choose to jump solo or tandem, remember to book in advance online, as jumps are by appointment only. You’ll also need a car to make your own way there since the jump site is a bit of a drive from Whistler Village.

biathlon experience whistler

Try your hand at the Biathlon in Whistler

The biathlon, a lesser-known winter Olympic event, combines cross-country skiing and target shooting for a challenging and exciting sport.

At Whistler Olympic Park, a guide will introduce you to shooting and share the history of the sport. If you’ve got cross-country skis they’ll also set up a mini-course for a friendly race.

Though challenging (especially shooting on target when out of breath!), the biathlon is tons of fun. This Whistler experience costs $35 per person, and you’ll need to purchase a trail pass.

what to do in whistler in winter for non skiers (3 of 3)

Explore Whistler Village

Whistler Village, a pedestrianized area, features the Whistler Stroll, a scenic path connecting the village’s northern and southern parts. The village houses a variety of hotels, bars, nightclubs, restaurants serving Christmas dinner in Whistler, and shops of all genres.

Armchair Books, with its vast collection of bestsellers and local works, is a must-visit for bookworms.

If you’re looking for a souvenir from Canada, you’ll find traditional Canadian statues, magnets, t-shirts, and unique Whistler clothing at Canadian-owned Lululemon and Roots stores.

bad axe throwing

Go axe throwing in Whistler

One of the most unique winter activities in Whistler is axe throwing.

It’s a thrilling activity where you’ll learn safety tips before trying your hand at hitting the target with an axe. Suitable for all ages, this is one of the best things to do in Whistler at any time of day.

In Whistler, Forged Axe Throwing provides this fun-filled activity suitable for all ages.

Forged Axe also sells beer and other non-alcoholic drinks so while you may not want to drink too much, sometime that one drink can help your throw (or is that just me?!).

Visit the Whistler sliding center

Experience the life of an Olympic athlete at the Whistler Sliding Centre on Blackcomb Mountain. This 2010 Winter Olympics venue offers guided tours around the run with exhibits that tell you more about the sport.

If you want to take things further you can enjoy your own heart-stopping bobsleigh ride under the guidance of a professional pilot.

To participate, you must be at least 14 years old, and your ticket fees contribute to supporting athletes who train at this top-notch facility. If you’re just in for the spectating, admission is free between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm to watch the pros give it a go.

whistler floatplane tour

Flightseeing Tours in Whistler

For a unique Whistler experience, consider a flightseeing tour via a small plane, floatplane, or helicopter. You’ll soar above the landscape, witnessing the beauty of Whistler from a bird’s-eye view.

This tour offers breathtaking views of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains and Garibaldi Provincial Park, complete with a mountaintop landing (weather permitting). You’ll pilot will often provide some commentary on what you’re flying over which adds to the experience.

Alternatively, try this Whistler Backcountry Air Safari in a small plane where you’ll get to go past Black Tusk and over the other peaks of Garibaldi Provincial Park too.

If you want to try out a floatplane, you can do that too with this glacier sightseeing tour over Whistler in a float plane.

Whether you’re planning a romantic outing, a family trip, or just treating yourself, a flightseeing tour in Whistler is sure to create lasting memories.

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How to get to Whistler in December

If you’re wondering how do you get to Whistler you’ll be pleased to know that getting to Whistler, British Columbia, is pretty simple whether you’re journeying from elsewhere in Canada or from overseas.

Flights to Whistler

The closest significant airport to Whistler is Vancouver International Airport (YVR), roughly 2 hours away.

Vancouver International has good flight connections with major cities globally. Once you’ve landed, you have the option to hire a rental car, catch a bus, or arrange a private transfer to Whistler.

I use comparison sites like DiscoverCars and RentalCars to book my car rentals as it’s easy to check prices and compare the best deals!

If you’re already in Vancouver, you could also schedule a floatplane flight directly to Whistler from Vancouver.

Driving from Vancouver to Whistler Blackcomb

The most popular method of reaching Whistler is by road, and there are two scenic routes to choose from, based on your point of departure.

If you’re heading out from Vancouver, your journey will be along the splendid Sea to Sky Highway, which routes through Squamish. With the ocean on one side and dense forests and towering mountains on the other, the drive is a visual treat. There are plenty of scenic stopovers along the way. Depending on traffic, the drive takes about 2 hours.

Local knowledge: The Sea to Sky highway can get quite congested, particularly on Sunday afternoons/evenings, Friday evenings, and weekend mornings. Although it doesn’t often come to a complete standstill (unless there’s an accident), it can slow down considerably, extending the journey time to 3+ hours.

If you’re traveling from Kamloops in the east, you’ll approach Whistler from the north. This route is arguably even prettier and offers several delightful (and less crowded) places to stop. For more information, refer to my Kamloops to Whistler guide.

Buses to Whistler

Various companies operate bus services from Vancouver to Whistler. This is a budget-friendly and convenient option, particularly if you’re unsure about driving on mountainous and snowy roads.

Some buses even provide Wi-Fi, letting you unwind or plan your Whistler itinerary during the ride.

The primary operators are SkyLynx and Epic Rides. You can secure your bus seat in advance through Busbud or Viator with this bus journey from Vancouver Airport to Whistler.

Private Transfer to Whistler

For a more luxurious experience or if you’re part of a large group, consider arranging a private transfer to Whistler from Vancouver or Vancouver airport.

Several companies provide services directly from Vancouver Airport to your Whistler accommodation. This can alleviate the burden of organizing transportation, especially following a long flight when you might be a bit jetlagged!

This is the priciest method to reach Whistler, but it’s the most comfortable if you’re not hiring a car.

Getting around Whistler Canada December

Once in Whistler, getting around is easy as the main Whistler Village area is very pedestrian-friendly.

There are also buses that go around the whole of Whistler town and out towards the various different neighborhoods.

Many of the tours and winter activities in Whistler in this guide also offer shuttles so you don’t need to make your own way there.

If you’re walking through the village or on the valley trail, packing microspikes like Yaktrax, are super useful to have, especially if you’re not used to walking on snow and ice. They give you a bit of extra traction to prevent slips and falls.

whistler winter activities (5 of 5)

Where to stay in Whistler

Finding cheap accommodations in Whistler is difficult, especially in December with the peak period being after Christmas until New Year. Whistler hotels and Airbnbs get booked up a year in advance in many places for those few weeks in December.

Booking in advance is key to getting the best deals and most choices when looking for Whistler accommodation.

  • Budget Option: Pangea Pod Hostel in Whistler Village is the most affordable choice. This innovative pod-style hostel group pods into suites, each featuring a private bathroom. The hostel also has an on-site bar and a rooftop patio, right in the heart of Whistler Village.
  • Mid-Range: Pinnacle Hotel Whistler offers suites equipped with kitchens and an outdoor pool with great mountain views. Its location is great for exploring Whistler.
  • Mid-Range/Luxury: Nita Lake Lodge on the beautiful Nita Lake has an on-site spa and a complimentary shuttle service to Whistler Village.
  • Luxury: Four Seasons Whistler epitomizes luxury, maintaining the high standards associated with the Four Seasons brand. This Upper Village property offers beautiful vistas, a heated outdoor pool, and three hot tubs for ultimate relaxation.
  • Luxury: Fairmont Chateau Whistler, nestled at the foot of Blackcomb Mountain, offers ski-in/ski-out access, hot tubs, saunas, and Eucalyptus steam rooms. Comfortable rooms with workspaces, various dining options, live entertainment in the Mallard Lounge, a heated lap pool with underwater music, a health club, a tennis court, Vida Spa, yoga and aqua fit classes, and year-round village shuttles all contribute to a luxurious stay.

Canada Travel Planning Guide

Should I buy Canada travel insurance?

100% YES! — You should have travel insurance for all your trips. Though Canada has “free” healthcare, it’s only for residents. If you’re just visiting, you’ll need travel insurance should you need medical care. It also helps you claim for delayed flights or lost/stolen baggage. We use SafetyWing for our travel insurance!

Is it safe to rent a car in Canada?

Yes — Renting a car is a good idea in most of Canada as public transit isn’t the best!

Car hire is usually quite reasonable, especially compared to some other countries and they’ll all be automatic so you shouldn’t have a problem driving it if you’re used to manual transmission.

I personally use a mix of DiscoverCars and RentalCars to find the best deal that works for me when I rent a car. I used them in Norway, Italy, and Canada when we first moved, and have never had an issue. For RV rental I recommend Outdoorsy.

What’s the best way to pay/exchange money for Canada?

Wise (formerly Transferwise!) — I use my Wise card everywhere these days. I fill it with a certain currency and then I can spend it in countries across the world, online and even for direct debits. Wise has the best currency exchange rates (and they’ll even tell you when you can get it cheaper elsewhere!). When you pay in another currency through chip and pin or tap/wireless, they’ll automatically convert it for you – it’s easy! This link gets you a fee-free transfer.

Do I need a visa for Canada?

Many countries do not need a visa to travel to Canada — However, you may need an ETA which costs $7 (you need this if you’re from the UK). You can buy them online and they usually take a few hours to come through though it can take longer. Only ever buy from this official website otherwise you’ll end up paying more money necessarily. If you want to move to Canada, check out my guide to the Working Holiday Visa which is how we first moved there! Always check the official Canadian Immigration website to see whether you need a visa to travel there.

Will my phone work in Canada?

It depends — Some American and European companies work in Canada for a certain amount of data or time but many will not work at all. Getting a Canadian SIM card will help you get around with Google Maps and stay in touch with people back home. There isn’t much free WIFI in Canada so you can’t really rely on that, especially if you’re heading outside of major cities.

Where can I book my Canada accommodation?

I always check for hotels or Hostel World for hostels. If I’m looking for something for a bigger group of people, or a bit more unique (cosy cabins, luxury beach houses) then I use VRBO.

When we first moved to Canada we used Trusted Housesitters to get free accommodation!

What’s the best site to buy Canada flights?

I only ever use Skyscanner to find cheap flights no matter where I’m travelling!

lowe alpine aeon

FAQs about visiting Whistler in winter

Is December a good time to visit Whistler?

Absolutely! December is an excellent time to visit Whistler, especially if you enjoy winter activities. The town is beautifully decorated for the holiday season and the ski slopes are in full swing.

Is Whistler snow good in December?

Yes, Whistler typically has good snow conditions in December. The resort’s high elevation and location in the Coastal Mountain range make for reliable snowfall, providing ideal conditions for skiing and snowboarding. However, like all weather-dependent activities, conditions can vary from year to year.

How cold is Whistler in December?

Temperatures for Whistler December average high temperature is around -1°C (30°F), and the average low is about -8°C (17°F). However, temperatures can fluctuate and it’s always a good idea to check the forecast and dress appropriately, with layers and waterproof clothing.

How busy is Whistler in December?

December can be quite busy in Whistler, especially around the holidays between Christmas and New Year. Many visitors come to enjoy the winter activities and festive atmosphere. The vastness of the ski terrain and the diversity of activities help distribute the visitors but do expect lines for the ski lifts.

Can you ski in Whistler in December?

Yes, you can usually ski from early December in Whistler but terrain may be limited. It’s always best to check the WhistlerBlackcomb website for full opening details.

Final thoughts on visiting Whistler during December

December in Whistler is a bit like stepping into a winter wonderland. Whether you’re planning a December ski trip to Whistler, or are just looking for a getaway from Vancouver to the snowy mountains, you’ll find plenty of fun events in December to keep you entertained.

Whether you’re spending Christmas in Whistler 2023, or just looking for things to do during your trip at another time in the month, when it comes to what to do in whistler in December, you’ll see there is plenty to do!

If you’ve fallen in love with Whistler and want to come back in the summer, check out my Whistler summer activities guide, this guide to the best Whistler lakes and the best hiking trails in Whistler BC.

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