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Best souvenirs in Canada to bring home with you

Whether you live in Canada and are looking for souvenirs in Canada to bring home to friends and family on a trip home, or are on vacation in Canada and looking to bring something back to remember your trip, this ultimate list of the best souvenirs in Canada has you covered.

Having spent six years living in Canada myself and always looking for Canadian souvenirs to bring back to friends and family, I’ve amassed quite a list of the best Canadian souvenirs to bring back with you.

Best Canada gifts and ideas for what to bring from Canada

1. Maple syrup

canada maple syrup ontario in winter

On Top of the list of best souvenirs from Canada has to be maple syrup.

Canada makes about 85% of all the maple syrup in the world and comes spring there are multiple maple syrup festivals that take place in Canada. The maple syrup festivals celebrate the harvesting of this delicious sweet syrup from the maple trees.

When it comes to Canadian gifts for foreigners some true Canadian maple syrup has to be one of the best.

You can find maple syrup pretty much everywhere in Canada. Of course, there are plenty in supermarkets, but you can find them in souvenir and gift stores in Canada too.

In those shops, you’ll likely find maple syrup in interesting shaped containers including in a maple leaf bottle or decorative tins.

If you are visiting Canada, then maple syrup is the best souvenir from Canada to bring home.

2. Canadian Indigenous art

Canada has a long Indigenous history. One way to learn more about the Indigenous communities across Canada including the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples, is to bring back some Indigenous artwork as a souvenir from Canada.

Indigenous Canadian art is often based on folk stories and often features Canadian wildlife.

While you can find art pieces and sculptures in gift shops and Canada souvenir shops, you can also celebrate Canadian Indigenous art by buying more contemporary pieces from local Indigenous artists in whichever part of Canada you’re visiting.

3. Smoked salmon

West Coast salmon is famous all over the world and there are many different types of smoked salmon gifts you can take home from Canada.

Few places are as renowned as Vancouver salmon; that’s one of the reasons why Vancouver sushi is so good and tasty!

You can buy cold smoked salmon that’s frozen when packed and made to last for 24 hours. That means you could still take it home with you depending on how far away you live!

While some countries have laws on whether you can bring fish across the border or not, there are still ways you can enjoy Canadian smoked salmon at home.

You can also get salmon gift packs that don’t require refrigeration and you can get other smoked salmon treats to bring back from Canada including salmon jerky.

If you’re looking for easy souvenirs from Canada to buy your colleagues or classmates, jerk salmon is a great one!

4. Canada Day Gifts

best souvenirs in canada 2

Canada Day happens annually on July 1st and it’s one of the main holidays in Canada. Though it has a controversial history similar to Thanksgiving in the US, it is a good time to pick up some souvenirs from Canada.

While many stores in Canada will have all manners of Canada flag memorabilia, Dollerama (a £ shop) goes all out.

You can find Canada flag banners, hats, pins, and more. Most items will have the year on them too. This adds an extra special touch to your Canada souvenir.

If you’re visiting during Canada Day, be sure to check out these Canadian quotes for some photo caption inspiration!

5. Ethically sourced Canadian diamonds

Did you know you can get diamonds from Canada? Since these diamonds don’t come from conflict zones they’re considered ethically sourced diamonds.

Canada diamonds are mined in the pristine wilds of northern Canada. This makes them unique and extra special. Each diamond from Canada goes through a rigorous certification and audit process as well. 

Canadian diamonds are expensive. There are no two ways about it.

But, if you wish to buy a souvenir that you can keep for decades that’s ethically sourced, then bringing back a diamond as a Canada souvenir is a great idea.

Most jewelers and jewelry stores in Canadian malls will carry these diamonds in some shape or form.

6. Maple products

Besides maple syrup, there are loads of other maple gifts. Supermarkets around the world now stock maple syrup but most of them won’t have the other maple gifts that you can find.

It seems like you can get almost everything in a maple syrup flavor in Canada but some of the best ones include maple syrup candies, maple taffy, maple butter, maple lollipops, maple tea, and maple fudge.

Maple cookies can be found in supermarkets and gift stores. Some come in cool souvenir tins as well. They’re usually like a shortbread biscuit and go great with a cup of tea!

You can also get maple syrup-scented soaps which is such a cool idea for those of you looking for souvenirs from Canada.

7. Inukshuk gifts

best souvenirs in canada 4

An Inukshuk is a structure made of stones piled on top of each other.  Inukshuks are used for navigation in the frozen and wild Canadian north. In the snow, everything can look the same so Inukshuks can be essential for navigation.

Inukshuk look like people and are made out of stones.

You can find small models of them all across Canada and they’re a great Canadian souvenir for kids to help them remember the amazing things they saw on their trip to Canada.

8. Canadian Wine

Did you know Canada makes its own wine? They do!

There are several big wine regions in Canada with one of the biggest being the Okanagan in British Columbia.

Niagara on the Lake in Ontario is also well worth visiting if you’re interested in wine.

All the major red grapes thrive in Canada, especially the classic Bordeaux varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Malbec. And you can also get sparkling wines and white wines too. It’s actually surprisingly good.

You can get local wines in liquor stores all around Canada. My favorite way to purchase Canadian wine is to take a wine tour in Canada and pick up a bottle or two from the wines you tried.

Note: If alcohol is one of the things you decide to bring back from Canada, you’ll need to check your flight restrictions. Typically airlines allow maximum 2 bottles per adult. Some airlines and countries specify they must be bought at Duty Free too.

9. Miniatures of Canadian landscapes

Similar to getting a model Inukshuk, buying a miniature of a Canadian landscape as a souvenir from Canada is great as a gift for kids or to add to your own collection.

You can get a miniature CN Tower from Toronto as a Toronto souvenir, the Calgary tower in Calgary and small structures of the Rocky Mountains, lighthouses and more. Of course, you could get a miniature canoe or beaver too!

10. Canadian Ice Wine

If you’re looking for an alcoholic gift from Canada that’s truly unique, check out Canadian Ice Wine.

Ice wines are the product of Canada’s freezing cold winters and a bottle of ice wine is one of the super cool souvenirs from Canada you can bring home.

Ice wine is made by picking grapes that are frozen. When they’re like this, the juice extracted from them tastes extra sweet and concentrated. The acidity is balanced and it’s quite a sweet wine once finished.

Ice wine is actually nicknamed Canada’s liquid gold and is such a unique souvenir from Canada.

11. Caesar Mix

ceasar best souvenirs in canada

A Canadian Ceasar is essentially the same as a Bloody Mary and is a common staple at brunches and breakfasts in restaurants all over Canada.

In Vancouver’s West End, you can also find ceasars with whole meals on top of them!

The difference between a Canadian Ceasar and a Bloody Mary is that while the latter uses tomatoe juice, the Canadian Ceasar uses Clamato juice which is half tomato juice, and half clam juice.

It doesn’t sound especially tasty but it’s a staple that goes well with a lovely brunch (especially if you’re hungover).

You can get this mix at liquor stores and supermarkets and then you just need to add the vodka.

12. Canadian Club whiskey

This one is a fun Canadian souvenir to bring back to your Irish or Scottish friends and family who I’m sure won’t consider it ‘proper’ whisky.

However, Candian Club whisky is the only liquor from North America that’s been bestowed a Royal warrant. It’s one of the best whiskeys produced locally in Canada and has a history that spans well over a century.

There are also some scandalous stories which include the story about Al Capone smuggling this popular drink during the prohibition era.

Made in Windsor, a small city in Southern Ontario, Canadian Club whisky calls for fifty different kinds of whiskeys, mixed together in a specific ratio. If you are a whiskey lover, then this Canadian souvenir is not something you want to miss!

You can buy Canadian whisky in liquor stores around Canada as well as in Duty-Free at the airport before you leave.

13. Canadian dried meat

jerky best souvenirs in canada

If you’re a meat eater or have friends and family that are, bringing home some Canadian jerky of different meats makes a great Canadian souvenir.

You can get a huge variety of jerky including bison, smoked salmon (above), caribou, or buffalo.

The jerky keeps for quite a while and is lightweight and easy to store in your bag until you get home and can eat it or gift it making it a great idea if you want to buy Canadian food souvenirs.

14. A Hudson Bay Blanket

If you’re looking for the Bay Canadian souvenirs then the Bay Blanket is one of the best Canadian gifts to bring back.

The Hudson’s Bay Company was founded in 1670 as a fur trading business. Today it remains the oldest running company in North America. Now known as The Bay, it’s a huge retail store in North America like department stores in the UK.

The Hudson Bay is renowned for its iconic striped pattern that you’ll find on blankets, clothing, and other homeware. The colors include green, red, indigo, and yellow.

The Hudson Bay blankets come as warm wool blankets and smaller throws and polar fleeces.

Though the blankets have a tricky history of being what brought smallpox the the Indigenous communities in Canada, they’re a popular souvenir to bring back home.

You’ll find a Hudson Bay store in all the major cities in Canada. It’s a great souvenir and one of those things you can only buy in Canada!

15. Coffee Crisp chocolate

Coffee Crisp chocolate bars are a made in Canada chocolate bar which is delicious and makes a fun souvenir to bring home from Canada.

Coffee Crisp is a chocolate bar with vanilla and coffee flavored wafers coated in chocolate. It’s yummy!

16. Roots branded sweaters

Roots is a Canadian clothing company that was founded in Toronto in 1973. It’s become one of the most famous clothing shops in Canada in part thanks to its fun Canada branded clothing and that it clothed the Canadian Olympic team for many years.

Roots do great lounge wear clothing. I’ve owned a pair of their sweatpants for many years and have some of their socks and a sweater too.

Their clothing is super cosy and their logo has a beaver on it – does it get much more Canadian?

17. Canadian beers or cider

If wine isn’t your thing, then you can get Canadian beers or cider as great souvenirs from Canada.

There are so many craft breweries in Canada as well as the bigger manufacturers such as Molson Canadian.

Vancouver and Montreal in particular have a huge number of local breweries that are great fun for a post-hike, or post-bike trip, or just for catching up with friends or bringing back from Canada to remember your trip!

Cider is also becoming more and more popular in Canada and there are cider places all over (one of my favorites is on Salt Spring Island. You’ll even find all sorts of fruit ciders these days including blueberry, orange, and peach!

18. Dream catchers

best souvenirs in canada 5

A dream catcher is another great souvenir from Canada that also carries some history with it.

Dream catchers were originally created by the Shamans to trap bad dreams. It’s believed dream catchers gently pass good dreams into the mind of their owner while the morning sun burns away the negative ones.

Buying a dream catcher as a souvenir from Canada is both a nod to native culture and a healing gift. 

There are many different designs, colors, and sizes and you can get ones that remind you of different friends or family.

19. Tim Hortons (Timbits or merchanidise!)

tim hortons best souvenirs in canada

Tim Hortons is a coffee chain that’s found all over Canada. It’s a staple that starts my road trips in Canada and is great for coffee or a quick bit when you’re on the go.

They’re also well known for their doughnuts and Timbits (basically the donut hole) that come in loads of different flavors.

There’s often a Tim Hortons at the airport too so you could pick up a box of 6 or more Timbits and gift them to friends and family (if you manage not to eat them yourself!). Timbits are the best treats to bring back from Canada hands-down.

Alternatively, you could buy a Tim Hortons mug so that every hot drink you take will remind you of Canada.

They do ceramic mugs or travel mugs, Christmas tree ornaments and you can also get other souvenirs such as inflatables which we actually bought for a friend who loves Tim Hortons!

20. Canadian Posters

What better way to remember your trip to Canada than by bringing back a post of Canada? You can get all sorts of posters from Canada to commemorate your trip.

You can find them in bookstores and gift shops, souvenir stores in Canada or from farmers’ markets all around the country. Many have Canadian landmarks (both manmade and natural), but you’ll find some that are more city or province specific too.

21. Nanaimo bars

nanaimo bar canada souvenir

Nanaimo bars are a sweet cake-y bar dessert that comes from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

If you can manage not to eat them all yourself, bringing back some Nanaimo bars from Canada is a great souvenir since you’re not really going to find them anywhere else!

Nanaimo bars have three layers to them. They have a crumbly biscuit mixture on the bottom, a middle layer of custard or buttercream, and then a chocolate layer on top. You can get them in all sorts of flavor combinations these days, but that’s the original.

You’ll find them in grocery stores and bakeries throughout BC.

22. Ketchup Chips

Ketchup crisps or, ketchup chips, are considered a uniquely Canadian food item that makes a great Canadian souvenir.

They’re one of the most popular snacks in the country and you have to try some while you’re visiting.

The most popular brands to try are Ruffles or Lays, but you can get them from lots of different companies.

While I don’t think they taste much like ketchup, they have a tangy flavor which is pretty tasty.

23. All dressed chips

Similar to ketchup chips, all-dressed chips are apparently a mix of all the flavors of other chips left at the chip factory but chances are that’s just their origin legend!

I actually think they taste just like ketchup chips, or ketchup chips taste just like all-dressed ones but I’ll let you decide.

24. Lululemon

Lululemon orginated in Vancouver, BC and they do a huge range of yoga apparel, hiking gear, and everyday athleisure wear.

There’s also the super popular ‘everyday belt bag which is perfect for keeping your essentials in while walking. They sell out quickly but you stand a good chance of finding them in Canada.

You can find Lululemon stores in countries around the world these days. The prices are usually quite a bit cheaper in Canada where they originated, plus there’s a bigger range and selection of items.

25. Aritzia

Another popular clothing company from Canada with stores all over but originating from Vancouver is Aritizia.

Aritizia is super popular for fashionable clothing and they do long-lasting fashion at quite reasonable prices.

They have a good range of basics as well as fancier clothing (which is surprisingly hard to find in Canada!).

26. Indigenous history books

Learning about Canada’s history is important and a major aspect of that is Indigenous history.

There are over 1.6 million people in Canada, and hundreds of Indigenous communities in Canada and many different languages. Each community has a unique culture, their own spiritual beliefs, and history.

Buying some books on Indigenous history, art, and culture not only makes a great souvenir from your Canada trip, but it’s also a great way to learn more about this culture.

Some of the most well-known Indigenous books include:  

27. Canada Flag Patch

If you’re someone who collects patches to put on your backpack, a beach towel, or just to keep hold of, then be sure to get a Canadian flag patch for your collection!

You can find these in most souvenir shops in Canada. They’re usually iron-on so you don’t even need to sew them on.

If you’re wondering what souvenirs to buy in Canada then this is usually a cheap idea that a patch collector in your life will love!

You can also find different patches to commemorate your visit to a particular location such as Whistler, Banff, or Jasper!

28. Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Rocky Mountain Soap Company is one of my favorite Canadian brands. They’re from Canmore in the Rocky Mountains and they make all-natural body products including shampoo and conditioner, lotions, and more.

Their pomegranate face cream is my absolute favorite. It’s super moisturizing and smells so good! They also sell travel-size products as souvenirs to take back home.

29. Blueberry Tea

Blueberry tea is a specialty on the East Coast. You’ll want the black blueberry tea to get the proper experience as the herbal one is a bit different and, some would say, not as good.

The best place to get blueberry tea is from a farmers’ market in Nova Scotia. You can also find it in gift stores throughout the province.

30. Arc’teryx

Another great Canadian brand is Arc’teryx. Arc’teryx makes high quality outdoor gear that’ll live up to the elements while you’re exploring outside.

I’ve had one of their Gore-tex rain jackets for many years now and it’s still going strong.

The gear is known for being expensive, but it’ll last you and it’s likely cheaper in Canada than in your home country.

31. A moose, bear or beaver toy

best souvenirs in canada

If you’re looking to buy a souvenir from Canada for children then you should definitely buy a moose or beaver toy!

You can find stuffed moose and beaver toys all throughout gift stores and children’s toy stores in Canada.

And even if you’re not buying for kids, bear, moose or beaver toys make great gifts for yourself too!

32. A Canada flag pin

I know a few people who collect pins and a Canada flag pin is an excellent addition to a pin collection. You can get them in various sizes and they’re a great way to remember your trip to Canada.

You can put them on your backpack, on your coat or jacket or just keep them wherever you keep the rest of your pin collection.

33. Soapstone carvings 

Soapstone is a popular medium for artists to use for sculptures. It’s sturdy, has plenty of layers and once carved it can make a beautiful decor piece and a souvenir to remember your trip by too.

My favorites are the animal soapstone carvings but you can get them in a variety of shapes.

They’re not the easiest to find, however. Your best bet is to look at art galleries and gift shops.

34. Magnets from Canada destinations

magnets best souvenirs in canada

My Mum always used to collect fridge magnets from our family holidays and our fridge was full of magnets from places we’d all been too. It was a fun way to look back at our holidays together.

A fridge magnet from Canada is a great Canadian souvenir idea. They don’t take up much space in your bags and are usually inexpensive too.

You can get so many different types that the hardest part will be picking which one to get!

35. Artisan products from farmer’s markets

best souvenirs in canada 3

Visiting farmer’s markets wherever I go is one of my favourite things to do when I travel.

Most towns and cities in Canada these days have some sort of farmer’s market (though they’re not all year round). At farmer’s markets, you can find clothing such as hats, scarves and gloves, soaps, lotions, and more little trinkets.

36. Unusual jams (Saskatoon berry or Haskap berry)

An unusual Canadian souvenir to bring home is a jam from a berry that you won’t have come across elsewhere.

Two berry jams that spring to mind are Saskatoon berry and Haskap berry.

Saskatoon berries have a sweet, nutty almond flavor and Haskap berries have a combination of blueberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, and elderberry flavors.

They’re both summer berries and you’ll find them at pick-your-own berry farms and farm shops outside of cities. You can also find them as jams which make a great souvenir.

37. Canada T-shirt

For a classic souvenir, get a Canada t-shirt!

There are plenty of places you can get an ‘I heart Canada’ or the city you’re visiting t-shirt as well as other ones with puns or phrases on.

I had a Niagara Falls souvenir t-shirt from my first trip to Canada back in 2010 for many years!

38. Canada-inspired shot glasses

Shot glasses are a fun way to remember your travels to Canada and they make great souvenirs. You can get them with the name of a city you’re visiting or with illustrations of Canada’s famous landmarks.

Plus, next time you’re measuring out something for a fun cocktail, or partying with your friends, it’s a great conversation starter!

39. Butter tarts

The Butter Tart is another Canadian classic. Butter tarts have been around since the 1900s and feature a flaky pastry case filled with a mixture of egg, sugar, and butter. They’re delicious!

They’re more popular on the eastern side of Canada but can be found all over.

Make sure you try some from a bakery or grocery store and bring some back from Canada!

40. Hockey jersey

hockey jersey best souvenirs in canada

Hockey is a big sport in Canada known as (ice hockey) elsewhere. Getting a hockey jersey (the shirt the players wear) from the team of the city you’ve been visiting is such a great souvenir.

You can also get hockey toques (hats) or scarves too.

You can also get your name printed on the back of them at many places and it’s such a fun way to remember what might be your first hockey game!

Souvenirs don’t get any more Canadian than hockey jerseys.

41. Canada postcards

I love receiving mail as it’s something that’s not very common these days. Picking up and sending some postcards to friends and family is a thoughtful souvenir that I’m sure they’ll appreciate.

You could also just pick some up to store in a photo album or on your fridge.

42. Canada inspired puzzles

Puzzles are a fun screen-free activity and you can get some beautiful Canada-inspired puzzles. They make the perfect souvenir from Canadian friends or family.

It’ll be fun to remember all your adventures in Canada with a challenging puzzle back at home.

43. Canadian money

best souvenirs in canada 6

Canadian money is often called Monopoly money thanks to its bright colors of it and the unusual plastic-y feel. It’s actually quite a pretty currency and there are both historical and natural sights on the notes which are cool.

Plus the $1 and $2 coin shave funny names which could be a fun addition to someone’s coin collection. They’re called the loonie and the toonie!

Canadian $20 maple syrup note

There’s also the $20 Canadian note that smells like maple syrup.

Okay, okay, that’s more likely a rumor that stemmed from somewhere.

When I heard it, the rumor was that you could tell if a Canadian $20 bill was real because if you scratched and sniffed it, it would smell like maple syrup.

I managed to convince myself it does smell like maple syrup, but I’m not sure it actually does.

Canada Post Collector’s Coins

Another must have Canadian souvenir for collectors is a Canada Post Collector’s Coin.

There are always special coins available from Canada Post and they’re cool if you’re a collector or looking to commemorate a special event that happened during your trip to Canada.

It’s a good idea for unusual things to get from Canada.

44. Canada Starbucks mug

Starbucks has a series of travel themed mugs and they have several for Canada and the major cities across the country including Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa.

If you collect Starbucks mugs, be sure to bring one back from Canada.

45. Canada-inspired tote bag

I love using tote bags for my shopping or just my essentials when I head out on a walk.

You can get some cool tote bags as souvenirs these days which is more environmentally friendly than plastic bags and they can look super cute too.

46. Christmas ornaments

How fun to decorate your Christmas tree every year with a gift that you’ve bought back from Canada with you?

You can find ornaments in gift and souvenir shops as well as homewares shops. If you happen to be visiting Canada near Christmas, then you should check out Christmas markets too.

Making a little collection from your travels makes decorating your tree super fun and I love this idea for what to bring home from Canada.

47. A Canadian cookbook

Canada has some great cuisines based on the abundance of fresh food that’s available. Some of my best Canada souvenirs for family have been Canadian cookbooks.

Some of the best restaurants in Canada have their own cookbooks now too. Getting the recipe for something tasty you ate at a restaurant on holiday is a fun way to remember your trip, especially if you’re into cooking!

Some of my favorite Canadian cookbooks include:

48. Sand band rings from PEI 

Prince Edward Island (PEI) in Eastern Canada is known for its beautiful scenery and lovely beaches. One of the best souvenirs from PEI is a sand band ring.

These silver or gold rings are imprinted with sand from the breaches of PEI and crafted by local makers. You can also get custom-made rings for weddings or other special occasions.

It’s such a cool way to remember your trip as they’re like having a tiny piece of art in your hand!

49. Empress Gin

empress gin best souvenirs in canada

Empress Gin is made from the butterfly-pollinated flowers at the Fairmont Empress Hotel gardens in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island.

This gin is unique as its color changes when you mix the gin with a mixer such as a tonic.

It’s super cool to watch the color change as it looks clear in the bottle but goes purple when mixed with tonic, and other colors when mixed with soda or water.

The gin also has a citrus-and-spice palette, a soft floral fragrance, and a very smooth texture

Getting Empress Gin is a great choice of souvenirs from Canada because most people will have never had color-changing gin before!

If you have someone who appreciates nice alcohol it’s a great idea for things to bring back from Canada.

50. Moccasins

Moccasins are the traditional fur slippers worn by many Indigenous people across North America.

Historically, moccasins are made of deerskin or other soft leather. The sole and sides are stitched together at the top and decorated with embroidery or beading.

Gifting some moccasins makes a great souvenir from Canada, especially if you get a high-quality pair since they can last quite a long time.

51. Canada snow globe

My nephew has a collection of snow globes from various places and he loves them. I think they make a super cool Canada souvenir and are a fun idea for what to bring back from Canada.

Especially since Canada and snow are common – it makes more sense. to get a snow globe from here than it does from Mexico!

You can find snow globes at all souvenir shops as well as in gift shops from popular attractions including museums and aquariums.

52. Canadian coffee

This isn’t exactly Canadian specific, but if you’re visiting Canada and find a coffee shop that you love, support them and buy some of their coffee beans!

This is one of my favorite souvenirs that people have bought me, or that I’ve brought back from places.

If the person you’re buying for drinks coffee, this is a great idea for what to bring from Canada as a gift.

Most independent coffee shops will sell coffee beans and you can also find them at markets like Granville Market in Vancouver, in some supermarkets, or at farmers’ markets.

FAQs about souvenirs in Canada

Where to Buy Canada Souvenirs?

Souvenir shops in popular tourist areas, such as Gastown in Vancouver
The Bay (Hudson’s Bay)
Local shops
Shopping centers and shopping malls
Airports and duty-free
At Canadian sporting events or their associated stores
Craft markets, farmers’ markets, and other local events

What are the best souvenirs from Canada?

Something unique to Canada or that celebrates Canadian history or culture makes a great Canadian souvenir. This could include a souvenir mug, a book or cookbook by a Canadian author or maple syrup.

What should I ask to bring from Canada?

If you are looking for a traditional Canadian gift, ask for maple syrup. It is easy to find and can be bought as biscuits, candies and more. If you get it as maple syrup it can also come in cool souvenir containers that you can reuse after the maple syrup has gone.

What are things you can only get in Canada?

Maple syrup (that’s purely Canadian)
Tim Hortons’ coffee or Timbit
Butter tarts
Maple Leafs or Canadian hockey merchandise
Nanaimo bars

What can you bring home from Canada?

Pretty much whatever you can fit in your luggage although there are a few exceptions. You should check what your destination’s rules over bringing back meat and fish treats from Canada are as well as any alcohol restrictions with your airline.

What to buy in Canada for souvenirs?

When in Canada, popular souvenirs include maple syrup, Canadian ice wine, First Nations art, hockey jerseys, Inukshuk statues, butter tarts, and iconic Mountie merchandise.

Final thoughts on what to buy in Canada

This post has covered some of the best gifts from Canada that you can bring from Canada as souvenirs for yourself, friends, or family.

Or, if you’ve been asked if you want something from Canada then hopefully it’s helped answer your questions about what to bring from Canada if you have someone coming to visit you from there.

This has included all sorts of things to buy in Canada from puzzles to alcohol Canadian clothing brands and more typical Canadian souvenirs ideas like snowglobes and magnets. Among them are some of the best Canadian gifts that I’d like to receive, as well as ones that my friends and family have enjoyed on our trips home.

If you’re looking for more posts on Canada, be sure to check out these funny Canadian quotes as well as these nicknames for Vancouver BC. Or, explore this bucket list of places to visit in Canada and all my Canada travel guides.

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