10 things to do in slovenia

For such a small country, there are plenty of things to do in Slovenia to keep you entertained for a week or more.

Most visitors dash through Slovenia, only visiting Lake Bled, Ljubljana and, perhaps, the seaside town of Piran.

Break the mould and stay a bit longer. Here are 10 things to do in Slovenia that are a bit different from the usual. You won’t find Lake Bled and Ljubljana in this list!

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Visit Soca Valley


Just a few hours’ drive from Ljubljana is Soca Valley: an outstandingly beautiful area.

From the emerald green soca river to the hills and forests, there’s plenty of adventure to be found when exploring Slovenia’s Soca valley.

Eat Soca trout

Slovenia soca valley trout

Head to the village of Plave in Soca Valley and eat at Gostilna Pri Mostu or Gostilna Dermota to try the freshest trout from the Soca river just outside both restaurants. There’s many different toppings to add to your trout including; bacon, parsley, cheese – go wild!

Take the car train

slovenia most na soci car train

Jump at the opportunity to try this unique form of transport from Most na Soci to Lake Bohinj. Whether with car or on foot, you can board this train as it hurtles through the valley and tunnels. Read more about the car train here.

Take a guided tour with Vesna from Slocally

Slovenia soca valley

Vesna from Slocally runs private tours whicih she cusomises to your interests in and around Soca Valley. Try her brand new Slovenian food tour which is full of tasty treats, or learn how to make herbal teas with herbs you’ve foraged for yourselves in the meadows and woods.

Take a SUP trip

bananaway sup ljubljana

Bananaway run SUP (standup paddleboarding) trips throughout Slovenia. They also have a great looking SUP and sail adventure in Croatia too! Opt for the SUP adventures in Most na Soci for a chance to glide over the emerald green waters of Slovenia.

Visit the wine region

slovenia wine region

Who knew Slovenia was such a big wine producer?

Around 80 million litres of wine are made in Slovenia annually from about 22,300 hectares of vineyards. Stroll through some of the vienyards abd drink the wines on a winery tour in Goriška Brda.

Visit Pečno park

Pečno park slovenia

This privately owned, magical park, is open to the public to explore. It’s full of tiny sculptures and art as well as a little hut in which you can pick up a new book to read during the afternoon.

Stop and grab a handful of bird seeds for the bird houes further up into the park – they deserve a treat!

Visit Lake Bohinj

slovenia lake bohinj

Lake Bohinj is absolutely stunning (prettier than Bled!) and a must see! The perimeter of the lake is about 8km long: perfect for a walk, or you can take a tourist boat out on to the lake. Arrive early to get the lake to yourself.

Stand on the Slovenian-Italian border

slovenia italian border

In Nova Goricia you can stand with one foot in Italy and one in Slovenia.

There was a fence between the two countries which wasn’t removed until 2004. Nowadays you an easily pass from one to the other.

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The memorial plaque just outside Nova Goricia’s train station marks the spot where the border was opened and there’s an interesting museum where you can find out more about Yugoslavia’s history and transformation of par of it into Slovenia.

Stay at The Herbal Rooms


A Slovenian homestay is the best way to find out more about the country;s complicated, but interesting history, it’s culture and cuisine.

The Herbal Rooms in Plave run by Vesna and her parents is scented with wild herbs throughout which makes for a very relaxing stay and a great night’s sleep!