Best things to do in Bryce Canyon National ParkBest things to do in Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is one of the most beautiful National Parks we visited during our American road trip. The rock formations, the Hoodoos, are incredible and the sunsets and sunrises are up their with the best.

Bryce Canyon National Park is quite small which means you can pretty much see it all in an afternoon. If you want to do a hike then you’ll need a little bit longer. We rocked up at 4pm, saw the main scenic stops, slept overnight in National Forest just outside the park (free and so many stars!) and then went back for sunrise and a quick hike.

things to do in bryce canyon national park

Here are the best things to do in Bryce Canyon National Park

Watch the sun rise from Sunset Point…

I know that sounds the wrong way round but, since everyone goes to Sunrise Point for the sunset, you’ll probably find you get a better view at Sunset Point as it’s less crowded. Both points look the same direction so really there’s not that much difference.

…and the sun set from Sunrise Point

bryce canyon national park

As with above, go to the ‘wrongly’ named point for sun set too. And be prepared for one of the best sunsets you’ll see!

Join a ranger guided astronomy programme

The night skies over Bryce Canyon National Park are incredible. Joining a ranger guided astronomy programme is one of the best things to do at Bryce Canyon. Of course, you could just find any point in the park and look up, but you’ll know what you’re looking at if you’re with a ranger.

Take a hike

There are plenty of hikes to do in Bryce Canyon National Park. If you’re looking for a shorter hike then combine the Queen’s Garden Trail from Sunrise Point with the Navajo Loop trail from Sunset Point. It’s about 3 miles long and takes you down in amongst the Hoodoos.

Feel inspired at Inspiration Point

The viewpoint at Inspiration Point consists of three levels which look into the main amphitheatre. At Inspiration Point you’ll see Silent City (near Sunset Point) which has rows of seemingly frozen hoodoos.

Find some arches at Natural Bridge

bryce canyon national park

Natural Bridge is one of several natural arches in Bryce Canyon. From this view point you can see a couple. The arch has been formed with really red rock and so the contrast with that and the green forest below is cool.

See Bryce Point

Bryce Point is one of the most scenic vistas of the full amphitheater. It’s sure to make you go “wow”. If you’re looking for another spot to watch the sunrise then head here. The tops of the hoodoos look like they’re been set on fire as the sun rises with their orange glow.

Take in Paria View

Whilst almost all the viewpoints in Bryce Canyon face away from sunset, Paria View is the exception. The one castle-shaped Hoodoo catches the last rays of sun and looks amazing.

bryce canyon national park

Fairview Point

From Fairview Canyon you can see glimpses of the Kaibab Plateau which is home to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon! On some days you can even see as far as 160 miles thanks to the great air quality at Bryce Canyon.

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Swamp Canyon

Swamp Canyon appears relatively small as it’s got hoodoos on either side. Still, it’s a pretty cool landscape and it was the trees all over Bryce Canyon that made me love it so much.

Rainbow Point

bryce canyon national park

The southernmost point in the park and one of the best viewing points. You’ll see the entire Hoodoo amphitheater stretched out before you.

Yovimpa Point

Just nearby Rainbow Point, Yovimpa Point is where you’ll get a good look at the sequence of rock layers called the Grand Staircase. The rocks are called the Grand Staircase as there are lots of different coloured layers in the rock (the stairs).