hiking to lindeman lake vancouver chilliwack

hiking to lindeman lake chilliwack

During our house sit in Chilliwack at the end of June, we decided to take an afternoon trip by hiking to Lindeman Lake. I’d seen pictures of Lindeman Lake when looking for things to do in Chilliwack. It’s emerald green and surrounded by forest. It looked pretty great for my first Canadian lake trip!

The weather in Chilliwack wasn’t the best during the first week of our house sit. When we headed out hiking to Lindeman Lake it was pretty gloomy but that didn’t ruin the afternoon!

Hiking to Lindeman Lake, Chilliwack

Chillwack’s Cultus Lake is super busy, especially on the weekend, and whilst Lindeman Lake gets its fair share of footfall, it’s a much quieter route.



There is free parking at the start of the trail but do not leave any valuables on show or in the car; break ins are fairly common here.

One of the best hikes to the lake is 1.7km each way.Don’t be put off y the first kilometre, it’s pretty steep with 650metres in elevation but then flattens out just before the lake. Get ready for the climb and enjoy the views as you follow the river up through the forest towards Lindeman Lake.

hiking to lindeman lake chilliwackJust before the lake there are a few raised camping spots. There wasn’t anyone there on the day we turned up. Camping is pretty cheap (I can’t remember exactly, but no more than $10 a night! If you know please let me know in the comments below).


The lake itself is surrounded by mountains, forest, and has driftwood floating in the green waters which looks pretty cool.

Continuing the hike: Lindeman Lake to Greendrop Lake

If you’re planning to stay the night, or fancy a longer hike, then you can continue hiking from Lindeman Lake to Greendrop Lake.

The trail to Greendrop Lake is signposted but sometimes it’s easy to lose the path on your way so pay attention. If you follow the lake you’ll be okay in general.

The path is pretty rocky underfoot so make sure you have good footwear and don’t attempt this if you’re hoping for a nice and easy walk!

Good to know: Hiking Lindeman Lake and Greendrop Lake

Difficulty: Intermediate
Round trip distance: 3.4km to Lindeman Lake | 11.1km to Greendrop Lake 
Distance from Vancouver:
2 hours 15 minutes
Dog friendly?: Yes, on leash

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