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Lindeman Lake, Chilliwack

Lindeman Lake, Chilliwack

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If you’re looking for a great lake hike this summer, look no further than Lindeman Lake in Chilliwack. This Fraser Valley lake hike is one of the best known in the area, and you’ll see why when you visit. There’s ample opportunity for Lindeman Lake camping, and you can extend you hike by visiting Greendrop Lake and Flora Lake near Lindeman Lake too.

Looking for something harder? Check out Goat Ridge which looks down on to the Lake! 

During our house sit in Chilliwack at the end of June, we decided to take an afternoon trip by hiking to Lindeman Lake. I’d seen pictures of Lindeman Lake when looking for things to do in Chilliwack and knew I couldn’t miss it! This emerald Green Canadian lake near Vancouver is surrounded by forest.

The weather in Chilliwack wasn’t the best during the first week of our housesit. When we headed out hiking to Lindeman Lake, BC it was pretty gloomy but that didn’t ruin the afternoon!

lindeman lake chilliwack

Know before you go hiking in Vancouver, BC

  • Check that the trail is open. Many Provincial Parks in BC are currently closed. You can see the full list of open BC Parks here.
  • Always practice leave no trace ethics. Not sure what those are? Get a refresher here.
  • Carry bear spray with you, particularly on higher elevation on North Vancouver hikes & West Vancouver. Get more bear safety tips here!
  • Wondering what to pack for Vancouver day hikes? Here’s a hiking packing list!
  • Choose quieter trails, particularly nowadays. Hike early morning or mid-week if you can.
  • Refresh your memory about hiking save with BC Adventure Smart.
  • Don’t leave home without your 10 essentials. They could save your life!

About the Lindeman Lake hike

Lindeman Lake is located within Chilliwack Provincial Park in the upper Chilliwack River Valley. It borders the northern boundary of the North Cascades National Park in the United States.

The Lindeman Lake trail has a very clear trailhead with a parking lot and is just across the road from Chilliwack Lake. While there are many lakes to hike to in the Chilliwack area, Lindeman Lake is one of the most easily accessible. You don’t need a 4×4 to get there, unlike a lot of Chilliwack hikes which is perfect for our van.

Lindeman Lake directions from Vancouver

Coming from downtown Vancouver, it will take about 2 hours 15 minutes in good traffic. Lindeman Lake is around 140km from Vancouver. Simply take the Trans-Canada highway east towards Chilliwack and exit at 104. See full directions to Lindeman Lake.

Parking is free but gets busy on summer weekends when the weather is nice. Make sure not to leave anything on show in your car either as break-ins are pretty common in the Chilliwack area!

Hiking the Lindeman Lake trail

hiking to lindeman lake chilliwack

The most popular hiking trail to Lindeman Lake is around 1.7km each way, 3.4km in total.

Lindeman Lake trailhead is signposted “Post Creek, Lindeman, Greendrop, and Flora Lakes”, you’ll start from the yellow gate you see here.

To the right of the gate, you can see a sign saying Lindeman Lake and Greendrop Lake. The first kilometre of the Lindeman hike is the steepest with around 650 metres in elevation but it flattens out just before you get to the lake. During the climb, enjoy the views as you follow the river up through the forest towards the lake.

There’s a small beach area by the lake which makes the perfect picnic spot before returning.

Difficulty: Intermediate/strenuous
Round trip distance: 3.4km to Lindeman Lake | 11.1km to Greendrop Lake | 16.3km for Flora, Greendrop, Lindeman.
Distance from Vancouver:
2 hours 15 minutes
Dog friendly?: Yes, on leash

Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park and Lindeman Lake trail map

Lindeman Lake trail map

This map shows Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park including the trails to Lindeman, Greendrop and Flora lakes.

Lindeman Lake to Greendrop Lake

If you’re not ready to return to the parking lot, you can extend the hike by continuing on to Greendrop Lake.

The Greendrop trail isn’t always as well maintained as the trail to Lindeman Lake but it’s not too bad. To get there, you’ll continue along the trail towards a boulder field.

Make sure to watch your step as you traverse the large rocks! Once at the 4km mark, cross over a couple of log bridges and from there it’s just another half hour to Greendrop Lake.

Flora Lake, Greendrop Lake and Lindeman Lake loop

If you’re looking for a long day hike or overnight trip then you can make a loop of the three popular lakes in the area.

From the parking lot, take the left trail to head up to Flora Lake. The trail here is not well marked and is strenuous so make sure you’ll well prepared.

You can camp by both Flora Lake and Greendrop Lake so it’s up to you to decide where you want to break up the hike!

The route is easily shown here.

Lindeman Lake camping

Camping is possible at Lindeman Lake and it operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Camping at Lindeman Lake is backcountry camping which means there are no facilities (other than a pit toilet), and you are not allowed to have campfires. If you want facilities and campfires I recommend trying to book a campsite at Chilliwack Lake across the road instead.

The Lindeman Lake campsite is right by the lake and you’ll see the raised camping spots as you come to the end of your hike.

Camping is pretty cheap but you’ll need cash to pay for the backcountry permit to affix at your campsite.

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