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Loggers Lake Whistler

Loggers Lake Whistler

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Following on from our Cheakamus Lake hike/bike, we made a quick stop at the van to refill on water and snacks and headed then carried on biking to Loggers Lake in Whistler. It’s a short hike to Loggers Lake with one very steep section (that I wasn’t quite able to bike up), but it’s a great spot to chill out at and for swimming in if you’re in the area. Lake swimming after a hike is without a doubt one of the best summer activities in Whistler! 

Loggers Lake Whistler 

loggers lake whistler (1 of 6) loggers lake whistler (1 of 6)

Loggers Lake in Whistler sits just on the edge of Whistler Interpretive Forest. It’s a small lake surrounded by forest and rock deposits.

Some reports I’ve read say there’s a wooden dock but that no longer seems to be there. 

One of the coolest things about Loggers Lake is that it rests in a volcanic cone that burst through the earth’s crust 10,000 years ago. The columnar basalt formations on the slopes above the lake are a result of lava cooling – knowing that makes this area all the more impressive! 

Because of its location deep in a volcanic cone, this lake tends to be warmer than others in Whistler and so perfect for swimming! 

Loggers Lake hike, Whistler

loggers lake whistler (1 of 6)

loggers lake whistler (1 of 6)

the final steep climb

loggers lake whistler (1 of 6)

Though a very short hike, there is a steep section to navigate on the way to this lake in Whistler. We started the hike from the logging road on the way to Cheakamus Lake and crossed over the suspension bridge which I’d recommend! 

There’s also a road which you can drive along to get closer to the trailhead but this misses out on the suspension bridge and some of the trail in the forest. 

Starting from the dirt road that leads up towards Cheakamus Lake, head down into the forest and then cross over the suspension bridge. Make a left and follow the trail as it winds uphill through the forest.

You’ll come out to a small parking lot and cross over a road.

Take the old road behind the gate and embrace the steep climb up to the lake. There are some great Whistler views too! 

At the top of the clime follow the trail for a few metres and you’ll come out to the lake. You can cycle or hike around Loggers Lake, or just view it from the first part you get to. 

While I didn’t swim in this lake, we did see someone head out on their paddleboards and apparently Loggers Lake fishing it quite good too as they keep it well stocked.

Check out this Loggers Lake trail map below for more information.

Difficulty: Easy
30 minutes – 1 hour

What to know before you go

loggers lake suspension bridge whistler (1 of 6)

What to pack for hiking near Whistler

Make sure you look at these packing lists for your Cheakamus Lake hike.

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