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Vango F10 Aero 3 sleeping mat review

Vango F10 Aero 3 sleeping mat review

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Along with the Vango Latitude 400 sleeping bag I’ve also been testing the Vango F10 Aero 3 sleeping mat. This self-inflating sleeping mat is lightweight, packs up small and is super comfortable. Plus, it adds a nice layer of warmth which is great when you’re sleeping on snow as I have been recently! If you’re considering buying a Vango self inflating sleeping mat then be sure to check out this Vango F10 Aero 3 review!

vango sleeping bag review

Vango F10 Aero 3 Review

Over the last few months, I’ve managed to get outside a few times and put the F10 Aero 3 standard size self inflating mattress to the test. 

On our first trip where we camped up at Mt Seymour to test out the new Vango gear, Thom used the sleeping mat as his sleeping bag wasn’t up to scratch for sleeping on snow. I’ve had the chance to use it while napping outside by Harrison Lake and again on a backpacking trip to Elfin Lakes. 

I’m pleased to say it stands up to the test and is both extremely comfortable and seems to add a nice layer of warmth. 

About the F10 Aero 3 sleeping mat

The F10 Series Aero sleep mat uses lightweight material to provide insulation while remaining lightweight too. It weighs in at just 0.78kg so won’t add too much to your pack and has a warmth rating of 7. 

It’s also got some great features like a non-slip print so that your sleeping bag isn’t just sliding up and down the mat. It also comes with a repair kit which is super handy for those just-in-case situations.

vango latitude 400 sleeping bag review

Weight of the Aero 3 sleeping mat

Whilst the Vango Latitude 400 is a bit bulkier (but great for the price and warmth provided), the F10 Aero 3 Vango sleeping mat is very lightweight especially when you compare it to others on the market for a similar price.

Not only does this camping mattress weigh well under 1 kilogram, it also packs down to just 27.0 x 16 cm which makes it super easy to pack up. 

The reason this Vango camping mat is so light is that Vango have removed some circular areas of low-pressure from the mat where your back and legs go. This means there’s less material and so there’s less weight!

Inflating the F10 Aero sleep mat

The F10 Aero 3 sleep mat is self-inflating and has a handy valve which locks and unlocks to make both set up and putting down quick and easy. I got a bit confused to start with and wondered how to use a self inflating mattress but got the hang of it pretty quick. Simply push down the valve to lock or unlock the air release! 

I did find that to fully inflate this self inflating pad I needed to give it a quick few puffs of air but not many at all. 

Packing away the sleeping mat is super easy too. Just release the valve, fold the mat in half vertically and roll it up.

The bag that’s provided is big enough to fit the Vango mat in easily and has a drawstring closure too. This mat also comes with two big elastics to stop the mat from unrolling as you put it in the bag which is great since that can be a pain sometimes!

vango f10 aero 3 sleep mat review

Which size to go for?

This Vango self inflating camping mat comes in three different sizes. There’s the short, compact and standard. I’ve been testing the standard size which is more of a full-size sleeping mat and is 183 cm long. 

The short and compact sizes are great if you’re looking to shave even more weight off your total pack weight.

Or there’s a more compact camping mat, the Aero Compact, which is 168 cm long and weighs 0.72kg and the Aero Short is 120cm long and weighs only 0.5kg! Ideal for any ultralight backpackers out there! 

How much does this Vango self inflating mat cost?

Depending on which size you get the Vango F10 Aero will cost between £50-£60 which is a great price for what you get. 


If you’re looking for a sleeping pad that’s self inflating, lightweight and a great price then I’d highly recommend the Vango F10 Aero 3. Not only does it have great features such as the non-slip pads, but it’s easy to pack up and put away as well as great for keeping you warm! I can’t wait for the next adventure with this awesome self inflating camping mattress!