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Review: Travelon 15″ Underseat Carry On Bag

This bag is no longer available. However, a very similar one here should do the deal!

If you’re a regular traveller, particularly one who goes on shorter trips requiring less luggage, then you’ll know my frustration with finding a good carry on bag.

One that fits under the seat in front of you on trains and planes, doesn’t have to be check in, and has plenty of space and organisation too. If you’re nodding along with me then perhaps it’s time you checked out Travelon and, in particular, their 15″ Underseat Carry On Bag.

A review of Travelon 15″ Underseat Carry On bag

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Review: Travelon 15" Underseat Carry On Bag ir?t=thatadven 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00ICD65COWhen I travel I often opt for cheap flights to keep the cost down. You know the sort, those flights where hold luggage isn’t included in the price and, on top of that, they’re extremely strict about the size of the bag you do carry on with you.

It can often be pretty tricky to find a bag that will not only hold what you need for a weekend or a week, but will also be accepted by strict airlines as an ‘acceptable’ size.

So when I was looking for such a bag before my weekend to Bucharest and I came across Travelon Bags I knew I was on to a winner.

Travelon Bags offer a whole range of safe and stylish bags for any type of traveller. Whether you’re looking for a day bag, weekend bag or even a make up bag, Travelon Bags will have something suitable.

This bag is no longer available. However, a very similar one here should do the deal!

Features of the Travelon 15″ Carry On Bag

This bag has a whole host of features that make it the perfect weekend bag for any trip.

  • It has a roomy main compartment with two zip pockets and two open-top pockets
  • A front organizer compartment with a padded areas for your tablet
  • An extra front pocket
  • A fold-flat water bottle compartment
  • This bag also fits beneath most aeroplane seats and if you’re travelling with the likes of Ryanair or Easy Jet this bag is accepted.

What I loved about the Travelon 15″ Underseat Carry on

The extra compartments

The main compartment of the bag with its two zip pockets and further open pockets makes it so easy to keep things organised.

Usually when I travel with just hand luggage I use a duffel style bag and just shove everything in. This often means that I can’t find what I’m looking for.

There’s been many a time when I’ve arrived at a train station and been frantically searching around in my bag looking for the tickets.

With this suitcase I didn’t have that problem. I stored my documents in the smaller front pocket and things like toiletries were easily zipped away in the main section.

The plastic compartment in the main area

Often I open up my bag to find my shampoo or toothpaste has exploded all over my bag. That’s probably because I didn’t put the lid on properly, but still.

This Travelon bag has a really handy plastic zip compartment that prevents any explosion of the toiletry variety ruining your clothes.

The size

If I have a big bag I tend to fill it with things I definitely don’t need. This bag is more than big enough for a weekend or a week away. However, it’s also small enough that you won’t get charged extra on flights. Nor will you fill it with unnecessary items. It’s pretty much the perfect size.

The colour

Too many suitcases just come in black, this berry colour looks great! Black and blue are available should you prefer.

In summary, The 15″ Wheeled Underseat Travelon Bag (similar replacement) suitcase is an all round winner and I’ll definitely be see a lot more use out of it! It’s such a good size with fantastic spaces to organise your items!

The price

And as if this Travelon carry on bag could get any more perfect, it’s also got a great price point! This bag is under $60USD / around £50. It’s been on many a trip with me now and it’s well worth the cost!

Where to buy the Travelon Underseat Carry On

You can buy this carryon suitcase at Amazon for just under $80

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  1. Monica says:

    What a cute little bag! I’m a little obsessed with luggage and I’m always looking for suitable carry-on luggage. It’s so hard to find a case that is small enough for the airlines but big enough for all your stuff.

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