Rocky gore tex socks reviewRocky gore tex socks review

I know what you’re thinking.

“Waterproof socks? Why on earth would I need them? My shoes are waterproof thanks very much.”

Well, yeah I get it and that’s what I thought too. But that’s until I moved to Vancouver and discovered what real rain was.

And, while we’re on that point, if one more Canadian tells me that I “must be used to the rain coming from London” I’m going to…I don’t know…but I will not be very happy.

Since I started up my dog walking company in Vancouver I’ve had to deal with being outside in the rain for 8+ hours a day, most days.

It took a while but I think I’ve finally got my waterproof outfit down to a T. The one part of this outfit that I cherish more than anything are my Rocky Gore Tex Socks.

(As I was writing this I realised it sounds like I’ve been paid to talk about these but I haven’t. I just really, really like them and they make me so much happier now that I have dry feet in the rain).

Why you need Rocky Gore Tex Socks

Rocky gore tex socks review

I didn’t think I needed waterproof socks until I tried them. One the first day I wore them it absolutely tipped it down. It rained. It poured. And then it rained some more.

But guess what?

My feet were as dry as they were when I left the house. Even though my shoes were soaked. 

And the fact that my feet were dry meant that I wasn’t walking along Vancouver’s seawall with a moody face. If you’ve hiked with wet feet you’ll know that that’s pretty much the worst part of your body to get wet. Especially if your shoes are then squelching. It’s just no fun at all.

But, with the Rocky Gore Tex Socks I didn’t have this problem.

Rocky Gore Tex Socks are great for hikers (no wet feet when it rains), causal walkers, cyclists, rowers (if you’ve rowed you know it can be hard to keep your feet dry getting in and out of the boat), and anyone who owns a dog; chances are your dog doesn’t care if it rains but your feet will.

Whilst I haven’t tried running in them I’d imagine they’d be pretty great for trail running too.

Do Rocky Gore Tex Socks work?

To put it into some perspective the shoes I own are supposed to be waterproof shoes. They had “guaranteed waterproof” stamped all over the box they came in. It even says it on the shoes. But it turns out they’re no match for the PNW rain.

The day before I’d emptied a substantial amount of water out of my shoe an onto an elevator carpet while on my way to pick up a dog.

As you can image, my foot was pretty darn wet.

The following day when the rain was evening heavier my foot remained dry even with a pool of water in my shoe.

Here’s another example of just how great these Rocky Gore Tex Socks work. I went down the the beach and submerged my foot in the water – shoeless- to demonstrate that my foot stays dry (apart from the tiniest splodge of sand that left a mark before I got in the water).

Rocky gore tex socks review

Rocky gore tex socks video review

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Plus, shoes cost a hell of a lot more than these socks. Even if these are the most expensive socks you’ve bought.

Are Rocky Gore Tex Socks comfortable?

The first time you wear your Rocky Gore Tex socks it’ll probably feel a bit weird. They feel slightly like putting a plastic bag on your feet. But hey, plastic is waterproof! Once you’ve worn them a little you won’t even notice you’ve got them on.

I find Rocky Gore Tex Socks extremely comfortable.

Wear a normal pair of socks underneath your Rocky waterproof socks and then make sure you’ve pulled the waterproof socks up properly.

You want to make sure you haven’t left any any big creases on the soles of your feet. If there are some you’ll know about it as soon as you start walking and need to stop to straighten them out.

How is the Rocky Gore Tex Sock sizing?

Unlike a lot of socks which are supposed to be suitable for several sizes of shoe, Rocky Gore Tex socks come in lots of different sizes.

Some people say they have to size up with these waterproof socks since they can be pretty tight.

One key thing to bear in mind is that they’re supposed to be quite tight; particularly around your leg. If they’re loose and slipping down then they’re more likely to let in water from the top and then you’ll get a pool of water in them. Which, you know, is what you’re trying to avoid…

The tightness also helps with ankle support when you’re hiking which is always good.

The Rocky Gore Tex Socks only come in “mens’ sizes”.  If you’re a woman then try on one size smaller than you’d usually go for to begin with. You might find you even need two sizes down.

If, like me, you have pretty wide feet then the men’s sizing is actually pretty useful. Also bear in mind that you’ll be wearing socks underneath so if they are a little bit loose you can bulk them out a bit.

I’m a UK shoe size 7.5 which is a US/CA 9.5 and my Rocky Gore Tex Socks are size 9.

I’d recommend trying on a pair in the shop before you buy them.

Where can I buy Rocky Gore Tex Socks?

You can also get them in most outdoor stores.

Rocky Gore Tex Socks cost about £42/ $70 CAD / $60 USD. I know that seems quite a lot for a pair of socks but in my opinion they’re 100% worth it. I would’ve easily spent double on that on some waterproof shoes that might not have worked whereas these really do.

There are a few similar socks you can try. I haven’t tried other brands but have read good reviews about these waterproof socks.