where to get your skis waxed in vancouver

Vancouver is slowly but surely turning into a winter paradise. The shops have transitioned from kayaks and canoes to skis and snowboards. More ski resorts are opening on a weekly basis and I’m pretty much ready for ski season! There’s just one thing left…my skis could do with some servicing. They haven’t been done in a while and I’m pretty sure they need at least some wax. I could wax them myself (and may well do at some point this season), but for ease here’s a list of places you can get your skis waxed in Vancouver.

Why should I wax and tune my skis or snowboard?

The more you use your skis the more you’ll wear them down as with pretty much anything. You might have a few chips in the bottom of them, the edges certainly won’t be as sharp (making carving much harder) and the wax will have come off meaning you’re slower on the slopes.

Even if you got your skis waxed towards the end of last season the chances are they could do with some fresh wax now. Over summer the wax dries out and you’ll find you’re going pretty slow on your first run back. Basically, serviced, freshly waxed skies make for much more fun on the slopes!

How often should I wax my skis?

There’s no limit to how often you can wax your skis. Wax makes your skis repel the water and therefore makes them go faster. Not only that but you’ll find it much easier to turn with newly waxed skis. Whilst you could go from one season to another without waxing them, you’ll enjoy skiing more when you’ve got your skis waxed.

How often should I tune my skis?

Different snow conditions de-tune skis at different speeds. If you’re a fairly experienced skier and notice your skis aren’t gripping well, you’re not moving as fast or turning seems harder than usual then you should get a tune up, pronto!

Where can I get my skis waxed in Vancouver?

Luckily for you, there are many places you can get your skis waxed in Vancouver. That’s just one of the benefits of being so close to the mountains! The places listed below will help you get your skis waxed in Vancouver and also offer tuning and servicing so that you’ll have a great first day on the mountains!

West Coast Sports

Whatever your skiing or snowboarding needs you’ll probably be able to find it at West Coast Sports on West 4th Avenue. They not only sell snowboarding and skiing gear but they’ll service it for you too.

West Coast Sports
1675 West 4th ave
Price: Wax from $15, wax and sharpen from $30


Canada’s answer to REI, MEC is my new go to for anything outdoors related. I loved browsing here even if I don’t intend to buy anything. Over winter most of their stores offer ski servicing. Prices can vary so you need to check your local shop for accurate pricing.

130 West Broadway Vancouver and 212 Brooksbank Avenue North Vancouver

Crystal Glide

Crystal Glide are a family run business in North Vancouver. They service and repair all types of skis and snowboards.

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Crystal Glide
1510 Pemberton Ave, North Vancouver
Price: Wax from $15, tune from $45

Vancouver Ski Tuning (VST)

Vancouver Ski Tuning offers the only pick up and drop off ski tuning in Vancouver. They can normally get your skis back to you in 1-2 days depending on how busy they are. If you live in East Vancouver, Kitsilano, Downtown, Fairview or the Westend VST are a great option! If you live a busy life this is one great place to get your skis waxed in Vancouver.

Vancouver Ski Tuning
They come to you!
Price: Full tune from $40, Hand iron from $25

Sports Junkies

Sports Junkies is another great outdoors shop on West Broadway. If you’re in a hurry they also offer same day service and tuning rates. Ideal if there’s some fresh powder forecast!

Sports Junkies
102 West Broadway, Vancouver
Price: Wax from $12.99, basic tune from $29.99

Van Ski

This shop on East 2nd has been specialising in servicing ski equipment since 1972. Not only will they help you get your skis sorted but they also run tuning clinics every week during ski season so you can learn more about it all.

Van Ski
#271 East 2nd Avenue

Get your skis waxed on Vancouver’s mountains

Summit Sport

Summit Sport are serious when it comes to servicing skis and boards. They have tuning centre staff who are able to work 24 hours a day and they use the latest cutting edge tuning equipment. They’ve even got a disc grinder for perfectly sharpened edges and a stone grinder for both skis and boards.

Your skis and snowboard will definitely be in safe hands with Summit Sport!

Summit Sport
4293 Mountain Square, Whistler
Price: Wax from $9.99, service from $49.99 (excl. tax)

Mt Seymour Service Shop

Have a ski pass for Mt Seymour? Drop your skis off when you notice they’re in need of a wax or a tune up and pick them up when you’re back on the mountain again.

Mt Seymour Service Shop
1700 Mt Seymour Road, North Vancouver
Price: Wax from $10, edges from $20 (incl. tax)

Grouse Mountain

Up on Grouse Mountain ‘The Outpost’ shop provides ski waxing and tuning services in Vancouver. If you’re up on Grouse Mountain you’ll find ‘The Outpost’ directly East of the Peak Chalet just minutes from the Skyride.

Grouse Mountain
6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver
Price: Wax from $12, service from $40

Cypress Mountain

If, like me, you have a season pass for Cypress Mountain this winter you’ll be pleased to know you can get your skis serviced there. Their season passes also come with a discount at their repair shop too.

Cypress Mountain Repair Shop
6000 Cypress Bowl Rd, Vancouver
Price: Wax from $12 ($10 with season pass), full service from $40 ($30 with season pass)

Have I missed any places to get your skis waxed in Vancouver from this list? Let me know in the comments!