one week itinerary for new south waleshow to spend one week in new south wales, australia. Take a road trip from Sydney to The Blue Mountains and then to the Hunter Valley for some wine all in one week

When you win two free return flights to Sydney you go. Even if, like me, you can only get one week off work.

I was weirdly embarrassed to tell people I was going on holiday to Australia for a week.

“A week? One week? All the way to Australia for a week? Really?” they said.

And I get it, travelling to the other side of the world for a week does seem a bit crazy. Okay, a lot crazy. But there’s was no way I was passing up on free flights.

I was completely prepared to feel knackered from jet lag the whole week and maybe it’s because I was so prepared to feel awful that I actually felt fine (apart from the first day) and had a thoroughly enjoyable week in a country that I’ve been in love with since I was little.

I managed to hold back on my tendency to fit too much into a short space of time and I think we got our week itinerary in New South Wales just right. We saw a lot, but didn’t feel too rushed. We even had time for an afternoon nap in our camper van in the Blue Mountains!

With this one week itinerary for New South Wales I’m by no means suggesting that you fork out the cost of a plane ticket to Australia just for a week too. If you can afford to then yes, go! But if, like most of us, you can’t justify the cost just for one week, then use this example itinerary for New South Wales as just one part of your holiday to Australia.

This itinerary takes you on a short circuit of some of New South Wales’ highlights. It starts and ends in Sydney but you could take it north from the Hunter Valley region, or do it in reverse and go south after the Blue Mountains.

A one week itinerary for New South Wales, Australia

The state of New South Wales is distinguished by its coastal cities and national parks. Sydney is the state’s capital with its gorgeous coastline, buzzing bars and magnificent architecture.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Sydney was all there is to see in New South Wales, but drive a couple of hours west and you’re in the Blue Mountains, a couple of hours north and you’ve made it to Hunter Valley; the state’s golden wine region.


bondi to coogee beach walk sydney itinerary for new south wales

The unofficial capital of Australia, the city of Sydney has tonnes to explore. It’s likely that this city will be in your Australia plans for the chance to glimpse the amazing views of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. However, there’s so much more to the city and one of the best ways (in my view) is to do the coastal walk from Coogee beach to Bondi beach.

Make sure you factor in getting a brunch (or two) with some avocado of course and a few flat whites!

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Where to stay in Sydney

We stayed in a lovely Airbnb in the Darlinghurst area of Sydney (Use this link to save on your Airbnb booking!). Also, check out this post of budget places to stay in Sydney!

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The Blue Mountains

blue mountains one week itinerary for new south wales

The Blue Mountains are only about an hour and a half away from the centre of Sydney. There are some companies that offer a trip to the Blue Mountains as a day trip but I’d recommend making your visit a bit longer. Sure, they’re no-match for the scale of the Alps or the Rocky Mountains but they’re impressive nonetheless.

In the Blue Mountains you’ll likely end up on the main scenic road. This road passes through the middle of the area and ensures you’ll see the big sites (including the Three Sisters). Remember to pull up and get otut of your car too as there’s so much to see on foot!

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Where to stay in the Blue Mountains

At this point in our trip we were camping in our Jucy Campervan. We found a couple of free places to camp marked on the map above. However, if you’d prefer a hotel take a look at these affordable places to stay in the Blue Mountains!

The Hunter Valley

hunter valley one week itinerary new for south wales

Carry on north out of the Blue Mountains and you’ll come across the Hunter Valley region. This region is full of vineyards producing some of the best wine in New South Wales. You can explore as part of a tour or, as we did, hire bicycles and cycle from vineyard to vineyard.

The great thing about Hunter Valley is that it’s not just about the wine here. You’ll also find some great beer and there are a tonne of delis, chocolate shops and cheese factories that’ll have you salivating. If you’re a foodie make sure you stop off in the Hunter Valley!

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Where to stay in the Hunter Valley

We camped at a great RV park in the Hunter Valley which is listed on the map above. However, for a more luxurious experience you should take a look at these hotels in Hunter Vally.

Want to extend your trip in New South Wales?

There’s so much to do in New South Wales so before you head off north, or go down south, why not explore the state a little more?

The links below are full of information about some more of New South Wales’ hottest destinations: