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5 foods to eat in Cologne

5 foods to eat in Cologne

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You know me, I love my food. This is especially true when travelling!

On my recent weekend in Cologne I didn’t really know what to expect when it came to food. German’s don’t exactly have the best reputation. They’re mainly known for their sausages but (whilst there is a German sausage or two on this list) it’s not all about sausages. And hey, even if it is – they’re just too good to turn down sometimes!


flammekuchen in cologne

Part pizza, part tart, this Alsatian and south German dish is made up of very thinly rolled dough making it ultra crisp!

The crispy base is then covered with frommage blanc or creme fraiche. Traditional toppings are sliced onions and lardons but in Cologne you’ll find flammekuchen with pretty much any topping. From salmon to potatoes and anything else you desire!

I recommend pulling up a seat at one of the restaurants along the Rhine to tuck into this delectably crispy base.

Sure, it may be touristy but it’s got a great view – especially when the sun’s shining!


german pretzel cologne

Who can resist a freshly baked, still warm from the oven pretzel? Certainly not me.

Pick up one that’s still warm and tear into it for a snack on the go that you definitely won’t regret.

There’s a pretty great pretzel store in the main train station in Cologne, but you can find them pretty much everywhere.


german bratwurst cologne

Germany and bratwurst go together like England and tea.

These German sausages are commonly made from veal, pork or beef. Recipes vary from region to regioon so if you’re up for a challenge and planning to visit more cities throughout Germany, why not challenge yourself to try as many as possible and find out which city has the best bratwurst?

Grab a bratwurst in a bread roll for a meal on the go, or dive into a plate of bratwurst accompanied by sauerkraut or potatoes in a restaurant.

Heaven & Earth

heaven and earth cologne

A bit of an odd name for a meal, right?

This traditional dish from Cologne is a mixture of apple pieces (heaven) and mashed potatoes (apple).

Heaven and earth, or “Himmel und Erde” is more often than not served with blood sausage – another traditional German food. It may not sound the most appetising, but it’s worth a try while you’re in Cologne!


german schnitzel cologne

You simply have to try schnitzel (or two!) while in Germany. Flattened out meat (usually veal of chicken) is battered and fried to give it that satisfyingly crispy out layer.

It’s hard to decide what’s best: the schnitzel itself or the mountain of crunchy, salted fries that accompany it. Either way if you’re feeling hungry schniztel and fries will definitely sort you out.

Why not mix things up a bit and get your schniztel with a creamy mushroom sauce drizzled over the top?

Have you been to Cologne? What did you eat?