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9 of Austin’s best food trucks

9 of Austin’s best food trucks

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austin texas best food trucksaustin's best food trucks

Austin is a city that’s well renowned for its food trucks. It’s believed that there are over 1,000 food trucks scattered across the city. We sure saw a lot during our visit to Austin!

That does mean, however, that deciding which are Austin’s best food trucks (and therefore the ones you should eat at) is a demanding task. Don’t worry though, I’ve picked out five Austin food trucks you really, really shouldn’t miss!

Gourdough’s Big Fat Donuts

gourdoughs donuts

These are far from your average doughnuts. They’re no where near your standard doughnut when it comes to size or flavour combinations, they’re completely unique. The name kind of gives it away. These doughnuts are big and fat and, if you eat too many, they’ll definitely make you big and fat.

I ate the doughnut I chose (Heavenly hash) as both an afternoon treat and my dinner. Seriously. The Heavenly Hash was a doughnut topped with brownie batter, brownies, marshmallow fluff and chocolate chips. It was heaven. It’s undoubtedly one of Austin’s best food trucks.

Where to find it:1503 S 1st St.

Torchy’s Tacos

torchys tacos best austin food trucks

What started as a food truck is now a popular taco chain with outlets in cities across Texas, Colorado and even one in Oklahoma! But hey, don’t hate it just ’cause it’s a chain now, it’s still worth a visit.

We visited one of the restaurants in Austin rather than the truck, but I believe you can still find Torchy’s Tacos trucks around the city.

The tacos are big and packed full of flavour. They even do a fried avocado filling for you avocado lovers out there!

Where to find it: 1311 South First St.


best austin food trucks

This breakfast and brunch food truck has crowds most mornings for it’s delicious cooked breakfasts. The bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches are super popular, as are the potato hash bowls.

The B.E.C sandwich comes with bacon, pimento cheese and a sunny side up egg in a brioche bun. Get a coffee with your order and enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the Austin sunshine.

Where to find it: 1203 E 11th Street

Via 313

best austin food trucks


You’ll normally find Via 313 parked outside bars. Wondering why? Well what do you crave most when you’ve had a few beers? No, not cheesy chips but some thick and gooey pizza! Via 313 has fast become one of Austin’s best food trucks thanks to its thick Detroit-style pizza pies and you’re gonna love them too!

Where to find it: The Violet Crown Social Club, 1111 East 6th or Craft Pride, 61 Rainey St

 Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

austin best food trucks


When in Texas you’ve got to get your chops around some Tex Mex BBQ and Valentina’s BBQ truck is the place to do it. Mounds of smoked meat is made into sandwiches and tacos with either a Texan BBQ or Mexican spin. Take the brisket, for example, you can either get it in a bun with coleslaw like you would at a true Texan BBQ. Or, you can get it topped with guacamole and serrano salsa giving it a Mexican edge.

Where to find it: 11500 Manchaca Rd