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Ultimate Australian East Coast Road Trip

Ultimate Australian East Coast Road Trip

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Visiting Australia had been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, I remember dreaming of learning to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef and in 2010 I got to do just that as part of an Australian east coast road trip with a friend from university.

We spent one month travelling from Sydney to Cairns on a hop-on-hop-off bus. Then, back in 2016, I visited Sydney again with Thom and we spent a week exploring some of New South Wales.

The Australia east coast is popular with backpackers for good reason; it’s full of beautiful beaches and cool cities. If you’re dreaming of a trip to Australia, then check out this Australia east coast road trip itinerary to help you plan your trip.

east coast australia itinerary pin

Australian east coast road trip itinerary

east coast australia map

australian east coast map

This Australia east coast road trip itinerary goes from Sydney to Cairns with many of the stops I made 10 years ago! I’ve also added in extra things to do in Sydney and elsewhere that I missed. A road trip on Australia’s east coast has got to be one of the best road trips in Australia as you’ll tick off so many Australia must-sees!

It’s one of the best options for young travellers too. With budget friendly hotels and bars, it’s pretty much the ultimate backpacking Australia route.

How to plan your Australian road trip

When I visited Australia for the first time my friend and I did a hop-on-hop-off bus all the way up the coast. This worked great for us as it was a fun way to meet other similar travels. When I returned to Australia, Thom and I booked a campervan for one week in New South Wales and I’d definitely do this again if we went back. Alternatively, you could hire a car and stay in hotels. There’s more information about road tripping in Australia below.


If I was to go back to travel eastern Australia again I’d definitely do it in a campervan. I love the freedom you get from travelling this way. It’s great having everything you need on you all the time and not having to make concrete plans to reach a certain hotel every night.

We hired a Jucy campervan for a week and it came with everything we needed including bedding and kitchen supplies. We ended up camping at a couple of cheap campsites near the Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley. There are plenty of campsites all along the east coast or you can look into camping for free too. This post has my top tips for finding free campsites, it’s focused on North America, but many of these tips will work for everywhere.

I recommend Outdoorsy to compare different campervan rental companies and options for your Australia road trip.


We booked with Oz Experience who went out of business part way through our trip but seem to be back now. You can use Greyhound buses to get around. Taking one of these options is a like a cheap version of an east coast Australia tour as you’ll likely see the same people over and over again.

The downside to using a bus is you’re limited to only stopping off wherever they stop, but it’s a great option if you don’t want to hire a campervan or car.

Check out Omio to book your bus tickets along the east coast. Alternatively, you can book a hop-on hop-off bus with Greyhound that covers you for 90 days.


Driving around Australia is pretty easy (especially if you’re from the UK and used to driving on the left!). Just remember to keep your tank full so you’re not caught out (like we almost were!).

If you’re more of a hotel person than a campsite person, then renting a car for your road trip on Australia’s east coast is the way to go. You’ll have the freedom of going where you want and when you want, but car rentals tend to cost less than campervan rentals.

Check out to get the best deal on your rental for your east coast Australia road trip.

Best time to visit the east coast of Australia

I honestly don’t think there’s a bad time to visit Australia. Sure the summer months (North America and Europe’s winter months) are warmer and more reliable in terms of sunshine, but even in the winter, Australia isn’t super cold.

Both times I’ve visited Australia I’ve visited from mid-August to September, so their winter. This meant that in Sydney, we did get some rain and it wasn’t exactly beach weather. However, there were plenty of days on both trips that it was warm enough to be wandering around without a sweater.

Cairns is in the north of Australia and receives more tropical weather than in Sydney. Overall its a lot warmer but they do have distinct wet and dry seasons. May to September in Cairns sees warm, dry weather and fewer people. During these months you can expect hotels and excursions to be a little cheaper.

November to April (Australian summer) is hot and humid and there is a lot of rain. This can make diving difficult as visibility is worse. So, if you’re planning to go scuba diving or snorkelling in Cairns that’s something to bear in mind. For what it’s worth, I was in Cairns in September and it was hot but not too hot and the diving was awesome.

How long does it take to road trip the east coast of Australia?

This really depends on how long you have to spend doing an Australia east coast road trip. My trip from Sydney to Cairns took 3 weeks, with a week spent doing a liveaboard scuba diving trip. 3 weeks gave us plenty of time to ticket off bucket list Australia items like visiting the Whitsundays and Fraser Island, but you could easily spend a lot longer.

Below is a pretty good Australia itinerary for 3 weeks, but ideally I’d recommend at least a month to make your way up the east coast. This way you can enjoy a few days in Sydney, Brisbane and other places like Byron Bay as you travel.

Where to visit on an Australia east coast road trip

Here are my top recommendations of what to do on east coast Australia and where to stop during your road trip. This Australia road trip itinerary packs a lot of fun adventures in!


sydney australia east coast road trip

Flights to Sydney are more affordable than they can be to other cities so I’d recommend starting your trip here. Sydney is a great city famous for its Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as the beautiful beaches including Bondi Beach.

Check out these palces to visit in Sydney Australia:

  • Do the Coogee – Bondi walk
  • Getting brunch (the city is famous for it after all)
  • Visiting the Opera House
  • Walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and possibly climbing it!
  • Get a photo of the Opera House from Mrs Macquarie’s seat as you walk around the parks and gardens
  • Catch the ferry to Manly
  • Go for a swim at Bondi Icebergs, or at least watch others swim at this iconic outdoor pool

Where to stay in Sydney

Explore more of New South Wales with side-trips from Sydney to the Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley

blue mountains sydney australia east coast road trip

While many people will stop at Sydney on their east coast road trip and then just continue up the coast, I highly recommend spending more time in New South Wales and heading out of the city towards the west as you road trip around Australia.

The Blue Mountains near Sydney and the Hunter Valley are excellent places to spend a few days. The former is full of beautiful natural scenery and the latter is ideal for food and drink lovers.

I’ve got a full one-week Australia itinerary for New South Wales here.

If you’re not planning on renting a car or campervan in Australia, you can try out these tours to the Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains from Sydney.

Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is on the ‘banana coast’ and is home to a huuuge statue of a banana just to prove it. You’ll quickly learn that Australia loves making great big statues of things that the area of town is famous for.

Coffs Harbour is popular with backpackers looking to relax and enjoy the sun and surf. It has some great coastal walks to explore and the one that takes you above the harbour is definitely a must-do!

Things to do in Coffs Harbour

  • Go Koala spotting in Bongil Bongil National Park
  • Try surfing!
  • Visit Muttonbird Island
  • Enjoy the waterfalls of Dorrigo National Park

Where to stay in Coffs Harbour

Byron Bay

byron bay lighthouse australia east coast road trip

Byron Bay is pretty well known across the world as having a hippy, arty vibe and as a surfers’ paradise. It’s a must-see as you travel east coast Australia and pretty much everyone making the journey from Sydney to Cairns will stop off at Bryon Bay for a while. With the town’s motto being ‘cheer up, slow down, chill out’, it’d be hard not to fall in love with a place like this!

Some of the best things to do in Bryon Bay

Where to stay in Byron Bay

Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise

gold coast australia east coast road trip

Gold Coast is a city made up of several smaller beach areas and some of the best surfing in Australia. If you’re looking for somewhere to party while on your Australian east coast road trip, then make a stop here.

The area is kinda like a beach resort town in southern Spain or Florida. It’s often full of young backpackers and Australians enjoying a drink and the beaches and the town of Surfer’s Paradise is right at the heart of the action. Surfers Paradise is full of theme parks including Wet n Wild and Dreamworld, as well as clubs aplenty.

If you want to make a stop in the area but don’t quite fancy the noise and partying in Surfer’s Paradise, then check out Coolangatta. Known as Coolie to the locals, it’s a much more chilled out version of Surfers with great waves, food and views.

Things to do near Surfers Paradise

  • Party! That’s what the city is all about. All-day parties and plenty of booze
  • Enjoy views of the city from the Sky Point Observation Deck
  • Stroll through the beachfront markets on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night. One of the best is at Burleigh.
  • Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, a wildlife hospital with koalas, birds, tortoises and more
  • Go hiking in nearby Tamborine Mountain. Try the high ropes course or just visit the wineries
  • Visit the World-Heritage Listed Lamington National Park and explore the beautiful waterfalls and landscape
Where to stay around the Gold Coast


brisbane australia east coast road trip

Brisbane is Queensland’s big city and there are plenty of things to do in Brisbane. It’s your last big city before reaching Cairns and it’s a great place to spend a couple of days.

Brisbane has a great craft beer scene in Westend and nightlife around the Fortitude Valley. When we stopped here we visited a super cool art gallery ina. warehouse and enjoying the artificial beach area in the city centre.

Things to do in Brisbane

Where to stay in Brisbane


noosa national park australia east coast road trip

Noosa is a must-visit on the east coast of Australia. It’s perfect for backpackers, families and anyone in between. The town centre has some great shopping and the beaches are beautiful. The town of Noosa is on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and the highlight is perhaps the opportunity to spot koalas in the wild!

Things to do in Noosa

Where to stay in Noosa

Fraser Island

fraser island australia east coast road trip

Fraser Island should be on everyone’s list of things to do on Australia’s east coast. There are numerous tours you can take where you’ll head out to this road free island and explore shipwrecks, sand dunes and more. It tends to draw more of a backpacking crowd, but if you’re over 21 and have experience driving on sand, you can hire your own 4×4 and explore the island in your own time.

Most Fraser Island tours start from Rainbow Beach, and you’ll need to get there the night before it starts. However, you can also get to Fraser Island from Noosa or Hervey too.

Best things to do on Fraser Island

  • Take a tour of Fraser Island, if you’re over 21 give driving on the sand a go!
  • Keep your eyes open for dingos!
  • Explore the Maheno shipwreck
  • Enjoy evenings by the campfire on an overnight tour on Fraser Island
  • Drive along 75 Mile Beach
  • Hike up to Indian Head to spot sharks and stingrays in the water below

Here’s how to plan a trip to Fraser Island.


The farming town of Bundaberg is best known for its rum, but the soft drinks made at the Bundaberg Distillery are better. It’s not so much of a complete stop, as a fun place to pass through on your way heading north.

1770/Agnes Water

Unlike Bundaberg, 1770/Agnes Water is worth spending at least one night at. This town is known for being one of the first places in Australia that James Cook and his crew landed in 1770 and there are some fun little activities to try. It’s also a great place to just relax for a few days if you’re feeling a little burnt out from all the fun so far!

In 1770 you can get cheap surf lessons (around $17), and enjoy a tour on a modified chopper motorcycle to spot kangaroos. Both of these activities we did while visiting 1770. While I wasn’t any good at the surfing, I was good at getting dressed up in a leather jacket and spotting kangaroo!

Things to do in Agnes Water/1770

  • Take a cheap surf lesson
  • Make a trip out to Eurimbula National Park with its beautiful coastline
  • Do the Scooteroo tour! (This was one of my favourite things on our east coast Australia itinerary)
  • Try Castaways – similar to the show survivor, you’ll be dropped on a deserted island and learn how to fish, build shelters and more for 2-3 days.
Where to stay in Agnes Water/1770