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Where to find the best croissant, Vancouver BC

The best croissants Vancouver has are here to rival those you can find in Montreal!

There are so many delicious croissants in Vancouver to be found across the city if you know where to look. If you’re looking for that buttery, flaky goodness then you’re in for a treat.

I spent 8 months living in Grenoble in France in my early 20s and am pretty fussy about the quality of my croissants. They’ve got to be flaky and crumbly and not solid and chewy. That’s not a real croissant.

While I’ve had some bad croissants in Vancouver, fortunately, I’ve had more good ones than bad ones.

Over my 6 years living in Vancouver, I sampled many a croissant (I’m particularly partial to a chocolate almond croissant), but I won’t pass up a plain one either.

If you’re visiting Vancouver or are a local looking for the best croissant Vancouver has to offer, then check out the list below. I’ve featured croissants from independent bakeries, chocolate croissants, almond croissants (or a mix of the two), and of course some classic plain croissants.

I hope you’re not too hungry, cause you’re about to be!

Where to find the best croissant Vancouver has to offer

In no particular order (apart from number 1) here are the best croissants in Vancouver BC and where to find them.

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1. Ça Croustille

west end farmers market
Farmers Market Haul!

Meaning ‘crisp’ in French, Ça Croustille is home to my absolute favourite croissant in Vancouver BC.

I came across Ça Croustille when they were at the West End Farmer’s Market. There was a big queue for their baked good and pastries, but I could tell from looking at them that it would be worth the wait. And, boy was I right.

These Vancouver croissants are super flaky, and light and have a great buttery taste.

My go-to is their double-baked chocolate almond croissant, but I’ve also tried their pain au chocolat and plain croissant and they’re all so good.

You used to only be able to get these croissants at Vancouver farmer’s markets or through online orders, but, as of 2023, they’ve opened up a shop front in Kitsilano!

–   Location: 3273 West Broadway

2. JJ Bean

jj bean best croissant vancouver

Some people hate on JJ Bean but honestly, I find no fault with their chocolate almond croissants (their super huge muffins are great too!).

They’re not too expensive, they’re buttery and flaky and they’ve got a good number of almonds and chocolate filling inside. Of course, it probably helped that JJ Bean by Davie Street was on my way back home after a morning walk along the seawall.

  • Locations: Multiple. My go-to was 1209 Bidwell Street

3. Chez Christophe

chez christophe vancouver croissants

Over in Burnaby and White Rock, Chez Christophe has become super popular with aficionados looking for the best croissants Vancouver has to offer.

Chez Christophe is primarily a chocolatier, but they do some good croissants too. They went viral locally for their croissant cubes which are worth a try if you’re in the area. They’re basically a block of flaky goodness.

  • Location: 4717 Hastings Street, Burnaby & 1558 Johnston Road, White Rock

4. Angus T

angut t croissant vancouver

Angus T is on one of the main streets of Yaletown and one of the best places to get a croissant in Vancouver.

You’ve probably walked past this small café without even noticing it but you should go back and check it out!

They specialise in croissants and their slogan is even “defined by croissant”. With a slogan like that, you can just tell you’re in for a treat.

At Angus T you’ll get pleasingly flaky croissants with a great texture inside. Besides the standard flavours, they also have some unique flavour combinations.

You can find matcha green tea croissants where half the croissant is dipped in white chocolate and half filled with matcha green tea.  

  • Location: 1036 Mainland Street, Vancouver

5. Small Victory

small victory bakery vancouver best croissants

Another great place for croissants in Vancouver is Small Victory Café in Yaletown. This cute café always has people sitting outside or queuing out the door. As you walk up to it you’ll be greeted by a delicious smell from all the baked goods inside.

Their almond croissant is incredible and is everything you want from a croissant. If you live in or are staying in, Yaletown then I bet you’ll be making multiple trips here.

Another item worth trying at Small Victory is the miniature croissants. These flaky morsels are sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and just hit the spot.

  • Location: 3070 Granville Street, 1088 Homer Street & Amazing Brentwood, Burnaby

6. Beaucoup Bakery

beaucoup bakery croissant

Regularly regarded as one of the best bakeries in Vancouver, Beaucoup Bakery in the South Granville area of the city is a great place to get a croissant.

The café is small with just 16 seats and it’s often full but luckily, croissants are great for take-out too.

Beaucoup Bakery’s buttery croissants are perfect just as they come, and they’ve also got chocolate almond croissants using dark chocolate. You can find seasonal specials too.

Make sure to hit this Vancouver bakery early in the morning or you’ll find all the croissants have been bought already!

  • Location: 2150 Fir St

7. Bench Bakehouse

bench bakehouse vancouver best croissants

This Commercial Drive bakery offers some fantastic treats, including some of the best Vancouver croissants. It’s not so much of a secret now as people have quickly become to notice that the Bench Bakehouse does some of the best croissants in Vancouver.

They’re flaky, have a good rise and just taste so good! Make sure you visit Bench Bakehouse if you’re looking for the best Vancouver croissants!

  • Location: 100-1641 Commercial Drive

8. Seasons Bakery Commercial Drive

seasons bakery vancouver best croissant

Another Commercial Drive favourite, Seasons Bakery on Commercial Drive is a must-try if you’re looking for pastries in Vancouver.

Their pastries are definitely delicious. And, when you know that it takes 3 days from start to finish to make a croissant the way Seasons Bakery do and with a process like that, you just know attention and detail have gone into them. They’re buttery, crunchy, flaky, soft and light. What more could you ask for?

  • Location: 2879 Commercial Drive

9. Purebread

purebread vancouver croissant

I’m a big fan of Purebread for their cakes and sweet treats but they also do some great croissants too.

Their croissants are more on the sweet end than some of the others listed here. If you’re not someone who has a super sweet tooth you might want to give this a miss.

They’re not the flakiest either and are a bit chewier. But, if you’re looking for a pastry to go alongside an afternoon cup of tea or coffee, then Purebread and its relaxed cafes are a great spot to go.

  • Locations: 159 West Hastings Street, 5 East 5th Avenue & 2887 West Broadway

10. Fior Di Latte (FDL) Cafe

fdl cafe vancouver croissant

Fior di latte, or FDL cafe, is well worth a try when it comes to finding the best croissants Vancouver has.

There’s some real talent in the croissant making and baking here resulting in a great croissant with plenty of pastry folds and great flavour. Their double-baked almond croissant is a must-try!

  • Location: 4233 East Hastings street

11. Marché Mon Pitou

croissant marche mon pitou

Marché Mon Pitou is a French-styled café that does delicious breakfasts and brunches and often has a queue of people waiting for tables on a weekend morning.

Their pastries are great and go super quickly. Make sure you’re there close to the opening to grab one and put them to the Vancouver croissant taste test!

I actually used to walk the owners’ dog when he was a puppy so perhaps I’m biased, but these are some really great croissants!

  • Location: 1387 West 7th Avenue

12. Nemesis Coffee

nemesis coffee croissant vancouver

I couldn’t not include Nemesis Coffee on this list of the best croissants in Vancouver. It’s one of the coffee shops in Vancouver that many people will recommend to you.

While their coffee is good, I’m not as much of a fan of their croissants but perhaps I got a bad one. They do look good when I’ve seen them but when I tried one in their North Vancouver location it seemed a bit overcooked and flat. It was crunchy but not exactly flaky or buttery. But, as I say, they do look good so perhaps I wasn’t lucky that day!

Nemesis Coffee also do some unusual and unique croissant flavours including the tiramisu croissant. It’s definitely worth a try and is filled with espresso cream on the inside.

  • Locations:  555 Great Northern Way, 302 W Hastings Street, 101 Carrie Cates Court,

13. Pallet Coffee

pallet coffe best croissant vancouver

Pallet Coffee is one of my favourite coffee shops in Vancouver. Not only is the coffee great but their locations have a cool vibe and are just a nice place to hang out with friends or get some work done.

They have large, flaky croissants. They also offer croissant sandwiches filled with ham, cheese salad or other combinations which make a super filling and tasty breakfast.

  • Locations: 980 How Street, 395 Alexander Street, 848 West Hastings Street, and more

14. L’Atelier Patisserie

latelier patisseries vancouver best croissant

Near Main Street and the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, L’Atelier Patisserie is one of the best places for croissants in Vancouver.

The butter croissant will make you feel as though you’re wandering around a French city. It’s everything you want from a pastry and is a must-try.

Make sure to get there early as their croissants run out at weekends often!

  • Location: 599 East Broadway

15. Batard Bakery 

batard bakery vancouver best croissant

Batard Bakery is new on the scene and has a super cool vibe. The bakery sells basic groceries as well as some of the best pastries in Vancouver.

You’ll get plain croissants as well as almond croissants which have beautiful crisp flakiness to them.  

  • Location: 3958 Fraser Street

16. Lumine Coffee

lumine coffee croissants

A super cute café in Vancouver, Lumine Coffee is the place to go for one of the best croissants in Vancouver.

The almond classic is buttery, flaky, and perfectly golden filled with that delicious almond filling.

You can also branch out and try a different flavour such as the coconut passionfruit-filled croissant. It’s perfect for summer with one of the café’s espresso tonics!

  • Location: 1965 West 4th Avenue

17. Little Fox Bakehouse

little fox bakery croissant vancouver

Little Fox Bakehouse is unique on this list since they make pastries using French methods but add an Asian twist.

In practice, this means you’ll find croissants with super unique flavour combinations. These include pineapple bun, bubble tea, and pork floss!

  • Location: 8181 Cambie Road

18. Cadeaux Bakery

Everything at Cadeaux Bakery is absolutely delicious and surprisingly well-priced when compared to some of the other places offering croissants in Vancouver.

Here, you’ll find a mix of standard and seasonally crafted croissants. The hardest part is deciding which flavour combination to go for!  

The croissants are also large, and they do seasonal croissants that are well worth a try!

  • Location: 172 Powell Street

FAQs on Vancouver’s best croissant

What is the most popular croissant?

The most popular croissant is the standard plain croissant. This is sold in cafes and supermarkets all over the world. Howee

What is hazukido?

HAZUKIDO is a chain of bakeries across Canada. They insist on the Shokunin spirit of Japan, using only the finest ingredients to make the highest quality croissant. The folding technique creates a classic honeycomb texture that has a perfect golden crunch.

What is the best almond croissant Vancouver?

Ça Croustille’s double-baked almond croissant is definitely the best croissant in Vancouver.

Final thoughts on Vancouver best croissant locations

If you’re searching for the best croissant near me this weekend in Vancouver, then this list has hopefully given you some inspiration on where to find the best croissant near you.

Over the years, I’ve eaten more than my fair share of croissants from cafes and bakeries all over Vancouver and those you get from Ca Croustille are definitely the best!

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