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Biking the Sea to Sky Trail: Squamish

Biking the Sea to Sky Trail: Squamish

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The Sea to Sky trail (not to be confused with the Sea to Summit hike that goes underneath the Squamish gondola, or the Sea to Sky highway) is a great biking, hiking and running trail that runs from the Squamish waterfront right up to D’Arcy near Pemberton.

The trail is home to beautiful scenery including mountains, forest, an awesome train line cutting through the rocks and Cheakamus Canyon and the Callaghan River. It’s a quieter option than some of the more popular Squamish hikes and is great for biking too!

If you’re looking for a unique Squamish hike then check out the Sea to Sky trail!

About the Sea to Sky Trail

The Sea to Sky trail is part of a project to link the ocean with the mountains. It runs 180km from the waterfront in Squamish right up to D’Arcy north of Pemberton.

It’s open year-round for non-motorized use including in winter when you can use it for snowshoeing or x-country skiing.

The entire length of the trail is mapped out here.

We biked the northern Squamish section going through Paradise Valley and turned around once we were about to hit the highway.

Sea to Sky Trail map

Biking the Sea to Sky Trail

sea to sky trail squamish

We started from just off the highway at the Alice Lake junction and did a couple of kilometres of road biking before pulling off onto Paradise Valley Road.

This road starts off paved but then turns into a gravel road which you can drive down if you wish to cut down the biking/hiking.

After biking through the campground which was slightly flooded by the Cheakamus River, the trail gradually begins to climb.

sea to sky trail squamish

First, you’ll come out to Starvation Lake. This lake was one of the quietest lakes I’ve seen in Squmiash, especially for a sunny weekend! There were a handful of people floating but not many people about.

sea to sky trail squamish
Starvation Lake

Then the trail climbs more steeply until you cross over a path. From here it’s a more manageable climb and the path narrows.

At this stage, you’re along the side of the canyon looking down towards the river and the train line between Vancouver and Pemberton.

The views here are seriously impressive and you can continue on the Sea to Sky trail until you reach the highway then eventually on to Whistler.

We ended up turning back around just past the viewpoint with the train line to grab lunch at Fergies Cafe back on Paradise Valley Road.

sea to sky trail squamish

What to pack for the Sea to Sky Trail

  • Bug spray: When we got back down to the logging road the bugs were out in full force, I was very glad to have bug spray on us.
  • Sun cream: You’re going to want sun cream no matter what season you hike in. This one is my favourite.
  • Bear spray: Ideally with a holster as it’s useless if you can’t get it out of your bag quickly!
  • Lots of snacks & food
  • Camera or phone

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