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Fairmont Natural Hot Springs BC: How to Find Them

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is well known for its hot springs which are kept behind a wall, built into pools, and are part of a resort meaning you have to pay to soak in the hot springs.

While I’m sure they’re nice, there are also some Fairmont Natural Hot Springs near Fairmont BC that are completely free to soak in and you get to enjoy a hot springs waterfall!

If you’re looking for things to do in Fairmont Hot Springs, then be sure to check out the Fairmont Natural Hot Springs and you can find them with this guide.

We visited them during our Kootenay Hot Springs road trip and I think they’re one of the prettiest hot springs in BC!

Note: Always remember to take everything you take, back home with you. Bonus points if you pick up someone else’s trash. Don’t let beautiful spots like this become ruined!

fairmont natural hot springs waterfall

How to find the Fairmont Natural Hot Springs Waterfall

When it comes to how to get to Fairmont natural hot springs it’s not the most obvious. They’re also sometimes misnamed as the waterfall hot springs Invermere, when they’re actually in Fairmont.

The Fairmont Hot Springs waterfall hides away down a path along a river bed in between Fairmont Hot Springs Resort and the Fairmont Hot Springs RV Park.

You could easily visit the area and not have any idea they were there unless you happened to see people walking along a trail with towels and swimsuits.

To get to the hot springs you’ll need to head from the main parking lot of the resort toward the RV Park.

As you round the bend in the road there’s a trail going slightly downhill and underneath the bridge that connects the hot springs resort and RV park. This is the trail you’re looking for!

There is a sign saying the trail is washed out and access is dangerous and while the trail is washed out, it’s not especially sketchy.

Obviously, if there is a raging river at the time of your visit, or you feel unsafe, then don’t continue.

fairmont natural hot springs waterfall
Sign for the trail visible towards the left of this photo

The trail has been washed out by winter storms and the Fairmont Creek but is still easily accessible. Stay on the trail that does remain right up until you can see the Fairmont waterfall hot springs on your right.

When you see the hot springs you should be able to pick out a path made by other visitors that goes down into the river bed and climbs back up slightly so that you can access the hot pools.

The walk from the parking lot to the hot springs takes a max of 15 minutes.

fairmont natural hot springs waterfall
Path to the natural hot springs

There were also other people coming up the trail from the opposite direction. It looks like this could be accessed from either a trail at the far end of the RV park, or from Fairway Drive to the west, but as I didn’t take this route I’m not 100% sure!

The pools aren’t super hot but are pretty warm and were the perfect temperature for the middle of summer when you don’t want them to be too hot anyway!

They were also fairly busy but not so much that you couldn’t find somewhere to sit.

Be careful as you move from pool to pool as the rocks can be very slippery and falling down them is going to be pretty painful!

fairmont natural hot springs waterfall (6 of 10)
Soaking in the Fairmont Hot Spring Waterfall BC.
fairmont natural hot springs waterfall
fairmont natural hot springs waterfall
fairmont natural hot springs waterfall natural mineral hot springs pools at fairmont hot springs resort photos
fairmont natural hot springs waterfall

Fairmont Natural Hot Springs Pool on the Hill

things to do in invermere (5 of 7)
One of my favorite Fairmont Natural Hot Springs photos

There’s also another area where you can access free hot springs in Fairmont. These are easier to find than the other Fairmont hidden hot springs.

As you enter the parking lot for the resort there’s a small hill to your left. Once you’re parked up head back to this hill and look for a trail (there are several paths trodden out).

Follow the trail to the top of the hill and you’ll see a stone building and a little bit further up from here is a small pool with a bench.

These are sometimes referred to as the Indigenous baths or Indian Baths Fairmont if you’ve been looking for other Fairmont hot springs pool areas and come across those names.

The water in this pool was hotter than in the waterfall hot springs but not quite as nice to sit in. However, you do get beautiful sunset views up here!

Where to stay near Fairmont Hot Springs BC

Looking for a place to stay in Fairmont Hot Springs? There are lots of options because many people like to vacation here. Here are some of the top picks for places to stay:

How to get to Fairmont Hot Springs Canada

Most visitors to Fairmont Hot Springs arrive by car. Below are a few common starting points for traveling here with some rough travel times.

Note: travel times can vary depending on traffic, road conditions, and speed limits.

  • From Calgary, Alberta: About 300 km (186 miles) and 3.5 hours.
  • From Banff, Alberta: 180 km (112 miles) which takes around 2 hours.
  • From Cranbrook, British Columbia: Roughly 110 km (68 miles), typically taking 1.5 hours
  • .From Revelstoke, British Columbia: About 310 km (193 miles) which takes around 4 hours.
  • From Golden, British Columbia: Around 140 km (87 miles) which takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Please note that these are approximate distances and times, and it’s always a good idea to check a map or GPS for the most current and detailed directions.

Final thoughts on the Fairmont Hot Springs Natural

The Natural Hot Springs Fairmont Resort has within its boundary are super cool to visit. After doing an easy and short Fairmont Creek waterfall hike you’ll come out at this beautiful hot spring waterfall where you can get in the water and bathe in a beautiful setting.

These natural hot springs near Fairmont Resort are popular and you won’t get these BC hot springs to yourself, but there’s plenty of space and we didn’t find it overcrowded during our visit.

If you’ve been wondering where to find the natural Fairmont hot springs then now you know! Remember to act responsibly and take out everything you take with you to keep the Fairmont hot springs natural pools open and clean for other users.

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