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Italian Dining in the Hills at La Fagurida

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In the hills above the Italian town of Tremezzo on Lake Como is a traditional stone cottage which serves exceptional food.

La Fagurida is a family run restaurant with two generations of Italian family working together to serve traditional fare from the Lombardy region of Italy.

You’ll need a car to get here, as the restaurant is situated at the top of a windy, scenic road. Or, if you really want to work up an appetite take the hike.

There’s no pizza and pasta to be found here. They’re not typical of this region and so La Fagurida doesn’t serve it.

Far from being disappointed, you’ll soon realise you’re in for a treat when the cucina di montagna (mountain cuisine) is places at your table…

Inviting aromas of grilled meat and fish from Lake Como fill the small, rustic restaurant and spill out on to the terrace with an impressive view out on to the Lake and over to the mountains.

This is proper Italian food and it beats pizza and pasta hands down.

The Mama of the whole operation greeted us warmly and led us out onto the terrace where we were given a choice of tables (it pays to arrive early!). Naturally, we opted for the table on the corner of the terrace with the best views out over the Lake and the mountains.

La fagurida review italy

The menu is small and simple and I’d suggest just picking a mixture of whatever takes your fancy. If the rest of the wine is as good as the house wine, then rest assured you’re in for something special.

La fagurida review italy

We opted for the house antipasti, a combination of home-cooked delights including cured meats, balsamic onions, artichokes, creamy vegetables, pâté, sweet peppers and fish served alongside delicious crusty bread. For mains we order grilled seasonal vegetables, fish from the lake and mixed meat kebab with a bowl of oozy, buttery, garlic-y polenta.

La fagurida review italy La fagurida review italyLa fagurida review italy La fagurida review italy La fagurida review italy
As much as I wanted to try a real Italian tiramisu I simply couldn’t manage another dish, and so sipped on espresso while watching the last of the sun set over the mountains in the distance.

La fagurida review italy

La Fagurida is a special place. Far cheaper than the restaurants on the water front and with a better view and food – it’s worth hunting it out!

La fagurida review italy