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Tjeldbergtind hike

Just around the corner from our Airbnb during our Lofoten trip was Tjeldbergtind. Unlike a lot of other hikes in Lofoten, this is an easy hike in Lofoten (similar to Kleppstadheia) that doesn’t have too much exposure or steep stairs.

We ended up doing the Tjeldbergtind hike a couple of times, once before the snow, and once after and it was super beautiful both times.

From Tjeldbergtind you get beautiful views of the islands making up Svolvaer in the Lofoten Islands, and out to Fløya and the Svolvaergeita too.

If you’re looking for more Lofoten hikes, then take a look at this hiking guide to Tjeldbergtind in Svolvaer, Lofoten.

How to get to the Tjeldbergtind hike trail head

tjeldbergtind hike svolvaer in winter

There are several places from which you can start the Tjeldbergtind hike.

Each time we hiked, we started from the Tjeldbergtind hike trailhead as marked on Google.

You can also start from Tjeldbergtind hike trailhead (hard). The latter is steeper and takes you right up to the top of Tjeldbergtind rather than to the ridge you get to by starting from the other trailhead. It’s a very steep trail that we hiked down, but it’s doable!

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You can also go from the Dalfaret Road and follow the trail up towards the smaller peak on Tjeldbergtind. This is also a steep trail.

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Guide to hiking Tjeldbergtind Svolvær

tjeldbergtind hike svolvaer
The signpost you’re looking for for the start of your hike
tjeldbergtind hike svolvaer
Looking back from the viewpoint up to the peak of Tjeldbergtind

Starting from the Tjeldbergtind trailhead marked above (near the lake and houses), you walk along the road as it bends to the right.

You’ll see a signpost that says “Linken-Tjeldbergtind” and points you up a trail into the woods.

Follow the trail upwards into the forest and then stay with the trail as it drops down slightly into a more open area.

From here you’re mostly going uphill and navigating some rocky terrain. There’s nothing too steep though and the path is pretty easy to follow as you continue on the Tjeldbergtind hike.

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There are a few sections where you might need to use your hands to pull yourself up a little.

If you need a break, take time to enjoy the views which are all around – it’s so pretty!

Soon you’ll come out to a ridge where you have the option to go left or right.

To the right is the peak of Tjeldbergtind and to the left is a great viewpoint over Svolvaer.

I’d highly recommend going left first and soaking up the views. There’s also a guestbook in a mailbox here, though it was super iced up the last time we had a look at it!

tjeldbergtind hike svolvaer
A very icy guestbook!

Once you’ve enjoyed the views here, head back along the ridge and continue up to the peak of Tjeldbergtind.

The path to the peak gets a little narrower here and a bit more tricky to navigate.

The final section involves climbing up a few metres of rock. There’s a rope to help you navigate this part which you can use if you need to.

At the top, there are beautiful views of Svolvaer, Kabelvåg and Vågan. There’s also a tool to figure out the names of all the mountains in the distance on the horizon.

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If you don’t want to hike this as a loop, just go back down the way you came up. To do the loop trail for Tjeldbergtind, walk to the opposite side of the peak to the part you came up and then follow the trail as it descends steeply.

You’ll be climbing down lots of rocks and then come out into a more open boggy area with boardwalks to stop you from getting wet feet.

Then, you’ll head down into the forest which really reminded me of hiking in Vancouver!

tjeldbergtind hike svolvaer
tjeldbergtind hike svolvaer

When you reach the road, make a right turn and follow it all the way back to your car.

Details for the Tjeldbergtind hike Lofoten

tjeldbergtind hike svolvaer
At the viewpoint of Tjeldbergtind

Tjeldbergtind can be hiked as an out-and-back or as a loop trail. The distances and elevation given below are for Tjeldbergtind done as a loop.

  • Distance: 4.7 km
  • Duration: 1- 2 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy-moderate
  • Elevation: 360 m

You can see our loop hike here.

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Things to know before hiking Tjeldbergtind in Svolvaer

  • Always practice leave no trace ethics. Not sure what those are? Get a refresher here.
  • Remember to respect the terrain, environment, and other users while you are enjoying the trails.
  • Follow the three Ts—trip planning, training, and taking the essentials.
  • Don’t leave home without your 10 essentials. They could save your life!
  • Do not walk off the trail – this damages the environment which is very fragile and leads to trail closures being put in place.
  • Read up on the Lofoten Code of Conduct to minimise your impact.

What to pack for the Tjeldbergtind hike

tjeldbergtind hike svolvaer

What to pack for this hike depends on what season you’re hiking in.

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Can you hike Tjeldbergtind in winter?

tjeldbergtind hike svolvaer in winter

Absolutely! While you might not want to go all the way to the peak of Tjeldbergtind, there’s a great viewpoint to the left which is definitely accessible in winter.

Since this trail is quite popular with locals, the path is often well-trodden and easy enough to follow in the snow so you won’t need snowshoes.

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However, I definitely recommend microspikes as it gets slippery on the trail!

One of my favourite moments from our month and a half in Lofoten in winter was hiking to Tjeldbergtind. The sky was a gorgeous pastel pink colour the entire time and the snow made everything so magical.

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